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A lot of people shit on this album when it came out...but I've always loved it. I still think Erotica is an amazing song... Bad Girl is haunting and the video is stunning... Rain... Secret Garden... Very jazzy. One of her best. Can't believe it's been 21 years! Where does the time go? :)


The finest Madonna's album to date.


...It was UNIQUE...

Gary R.

As others have said here, this album suffered because of the sex book, girlie show tour and also some of Madonna's appearances on talk shows like Letterman at the time. I think Madonna was also going through an identity crisis. No matter, the album is very good in my opinion. Many of her haters at the time never even listened to the album in it's entirety which is a shame. It still holds up today, for the most part.


I worked in a record store when Erotica came out. I still have the CD, cover scratched to hell. I still listen to it. Also, Girlie Show was great.


I remember having my dad buy it for me, since it had a parental warning for being "explicit." Tore that cardboard box open so fast so I could get to listening. I held my dad's system hostage for months. Still one of my favorite albums. Brings me back when I listen to it.


Thats Funny Juan. I too was about that age, 14.
I attended the girlie show all by myself, lol. :)
I was too embarrassed (insecure) to tell anyone I was a fan of hers.

Peter Row

Wow 21 years old. I feel old now. I was 15 when I got this on CD - the unedited version.

I definitely remember being slightly disappointed with it at the time but as I grew up and I understood it more it got better and better with each listen.


I adore Madonna's 'Erotica' album- it's the 1st CD I ever owned, my brother purchased it for me as a surprise gift!

'Erotica' is a Wonderful & Diverse album that stands up Well. IMHO Madonna made a big mistake in calling the album 'Erotica'- the album deals with a wide variety of themes- sadly many people thought 'Erotica' was an extension of the 'Sex' book & it was avoided & lost in the backlash.


I feel so old ha ha

One of her best albums - really consistent all the way through - great videos video of Rain and Bad Girl were amazing
Love her voice on this album Secret Garden was way ahead of its time
Waiting was great too
Was a 'very madonna' album


Saw Cyndi Lauper in concert last night. We all busted out laughing when they played "Like a Prayer while folks were being seated.

Nota Bene: Cyndi started promptly at 8pm!


Still one of Madonna's best ever albums. Dark, and misunderstood.

Dean Ismail

I became a fan of hers during this era. And has been ever since. 21 years??? :-)


Madonna's REAL masterpiece. Many say Ray of Light or Like a Prayer but Erotica is art.


Amazing piece of work. Madonna at her best!

Lawrence Stern

This still sounds as daring and fresh as it did then. It could easily be a # 1 record today!


It's all just looking back to past, faded and long-forgotten glories for Madonna now, sadly.

Did anyone hear Katy Perry's "Prism" CD yet? Now THAT is what a HIT pop album should be (emphasis on "hit". Madonna should listen to it and learn from her betters . . . if she wants to stay in the business.


21 Years?
Damn I'm old.
I still remember signing a waiting list to buy her SEX book as if it was just yesterday.

Erotica is a very good album. I love it.


It's been quite a while since ilistenedto the album in full but while, in my opinion, it's far from her greatest hour and the album contains a few duds like 'bye bye baby', 'in this life' and 'secret garden' it's equally far removed from the disastrous reviews it received at the time. 'Deeper and Deeper' is one of her best dance tracks and there'splenty of good songs like 'Rain', 'Why's it so hard?', 'Waiting' and 'Bad Girl' among others. In time I think it will be remembered more favourably; it suffered from 'Sex' book and Body of evidence association, plus an awful world tour. Listen to it again_ it's a better album than you may remember.


how time flies--I still love this song & video!!! infact-its one of my favourite albums-a timeless classic really.i even don't mind the gold 'D'.happy 21st birthday Erotica!!!! ;) xxx

Juan Pablo

I remember when this album first came out. I was 15 years old, living in Chicago and it seemed like everyone just HATED Madonna. She didn't seem to have a fan left. All of my friends and schoolmates loathed her. I was into my 2nd year with this love affair I have with her (I caught on late haha). Well, I thought it was great that she was so hated because I wanted this album badly for Christmas and I figured, being that people hate her so much, I'll be able to get the album no problem. Wouldn't you know the album sold-out at the store my cousin went to, to buy the record for me?

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