UK Press: Madonna and Sean Penn secretproject
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@Fabian Starr - Ha ha ha ha ha! Your post is as pretentious (and ludicrous) as M's current project! That has to be one of the funniest things I have read in years! LOL! I think the only thing recently that has made me laugh so much was Brad Pitt's pretentious nonsense of an advert for Chanel!!!


Damn the black and white images already! Sheesh


Are the first two posters serious? If so, yikes!

Fabian Starr

Madonna is beyond art, she has become consciousness, those who are unconscious will never understand...


Thank you so much! These are great. Still can't get my head around how great and inpirational this whole #secretprojectrevolution is.

Robert King

This is so boring now,grow up!


Her level of narcissism is bordering on pathological. Better that than a drug addiction. All artists need a vice, I suppose.

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