Madonna's Instagram: A big thank you to my fans!
UK Press: More #secretprojectrevolution premiere


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OMG-Madonna looks SO SO Amazing in these NEW photos!


Maybe I'm a naïve romantic but I feel that Sean Penn has changed a lot & mellowed over the years- I think it would be wonderful if Madonna & Sean Penn got back together & married.

It seems to me that when Madonna's personal life is in a good place her music improves & is more optimistic- Madonna & Sean= 'True Blue' LP the highest selling album of her career. (Granted her great 'Like A Prayer' album doesn't quite fit with my reasoning- although Sean Penn inspired much of it).


Yeah I'll never forget the story about how he tied her up to a chair like a trussed up turkey. Madonna has always had "daddy" issues, and she has said before that Sean very much resembles her father when he was young. That explains her strong fixation on him when they were married.

The Lion

She looks like Kim Kardashian in this photo.


You think M would get back together with a wife beater? Maybe you're all too young to remember, but that's exactly what Penn was when he was with Madonna. I detest with a passion men who hit women, ergo I detest Penn.


I bet they still are in love with each other. Wouldn't be surprised if they would remarry one day...


....soul mates


That pic is from autumn 1987, not '89.

get the picture?

live to tell, where has the time gone..
they still look so cute together..

both passionate when it comes to human rights..
& each other. :)
so cool.

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