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MDNA Tour 'Vogue' Video Preview


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If Madonna was all about making $$ she would do what other artists have done and milk her entire back catalog.

Tons of $$ to be made there and she has yet to do it, unfortunately.


@ get the picture? Yup - at least someone saw it was harsh irony! Mind you, M puts her name to anything and everything now, so nothing would surprise me any more!

get the picture?

i see this artforfreedom-project defo more of an undertaking than a 'video/look/a single'..
- as a much needed wake-up-call...

hope it 'rings' through the jaded bs & ignorant infomertial noise that people are bombarded in this day & age...

@Dan - your comment on 'Material Girl Handcuffs' - as harsh, hope it was tongue-in-cheek, otherwise - clueless much? :)


@Daniel - yup, definitely 'God Save The Queen'.

This is probably the advert for M's latest merchandising project. 'Material Girl Handcuffs' - available in your nearest Ann Summers...


Dknowles - hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


I'm sorry but NO Katy,Rihanna, and Lady Gaga is NOT making Madonna eat dust! stupid of you to say..
U.S RADIO and the ageist society are to blame...the success of the MDNA TOUR IS PROOF...they don't and will NOT have what Madonna's gravitational pull has...if you think about it these great poptarts have all already reached their peak and very early...only media hype and inflated numbers make people today believe anything.. other than that.this is one hell of a trailer...GO MADONNA


Wow- Powerful stuff! I Love Madonna's new song (great vocals with interesting instrumentation), I love her new look, & this clip is the best one released so far. I'm curious to see how this 'secret project' will play out.

get the picture?

great gutsy symbolism here M..
dark times & fading freedoms call for...


Dknowles: Madonna is not a bubblegum pop star like Gaga or Katy Perry, they can only appeal to clueless teens with their superficial dance songs. Madonna is so much more, she has always been so much more, and she's been dealing with social issues from the very beginning of her career. Religion, sex, politics statements have always been there in her songs. She is not just a pop star, she's true artists, and artists are always searching for deeper meanings and they are the storytellers and the creators of the mythology around our present society. Maybe you prefer Madonna to sing stupid songs about dancing and kissing boys and buying shoes. I think she has something more to say, something important, like she always had.



Take note, other pop princesses, oh, wait, they have!

Now THIS is how her music videos should look.

Even people have her age with airbrushing wouldn't/couldn't look like this. Their nose would ruin it.

Now I'm excited! Classic M is back!!!!


LOL. Wales1978. You already DID waste your time on me by reading and replying. Anyhoo, you know in your heart of hearts that what I said is true. Hurts, right?


I don't want to be a prison, so baby won't you set me free.


Dknowles - you are talking through your arse! I could go on but I won't waste my time.


oooh! looks good.


Cool can't wait! Does anyone know anything on the itunes mdna tour dvd / album release?

Jennifer Violette

How a little bit of help for your home state? Show Detroit some love.


that's quite haunting-in a weird good way!! certainly my favourite of the trailers so far ;) xxx




What the?

Gilbert U.

I love this trailer! Madonna looks great and very fitting song. Love you, Madonna!

Ed Graf

Madonna, you are truly the best!
I have never seen a music artist use as many of her God given talents at the same time and put if all together so successfully. Lyrics, music, dance, convey a message (with appropriate ambiguity), and top fashion with fantastic sets!
The attention to detail of the dance and the timing is amazing. The projection of the finished images is so well accomplished.
I thank you for the experience!


So cool !!


All this hype had better be for more than just a perfume range!


Sounds hippyish to me
Whatever floats ur boat


Is it me or it sounds like the British national anthem? With different lyrics? :-P

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