Madonna's Net Worth: $500 Million In 2013
Madonna's 'MDNA World Tour' Blu-ray recalled in US


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@Rico - agree with you totally. M has never been 'into' her fans, but ever more she becomes increasingly detached and hateful. She may be an outstanding business woman, but her lack of social skills is jaw-dropping. You only have to watch her being interviewed: she often comes across as if she cannot string a sentence together and the arrogance and superiority she exudes is not pleasant.

She clearly doesn't get the bitter irony of starting this (childish) revolution of love whilst at the same time labelling people as 'haters' (oooh, so down with da kidz, M!) and telling them not to bother following her!

I became a fan of M's right back at the beginning because she was gutsy and ballsy; those traits have, over the years, turned into arrogance and contempt, sadly.


Hi dknowles

The other day I posted a comment here addressed to your comment but it hasn't appeared.

I haven't got a copy of what I posted but the gist of it was that the 'American Life' video & single damaged Madonna's status only in the USA, not worldwide.




Hello Jim.. I am not here to debate with anyone regardless of what this project turns out to be.. (profitable or not) We do not know Madonna personally .just what she gives off ...its my opinion and many are feeling the same way .. again not here to debate thing Madonna doest do a thing for me...I think we both.know that. Peace.. ricO


Hello Rico

I haven't seen anything in the artforfreedom literature that suggests that Madonna will be able to make money from it. If it turns out that it is a commercial project or becomes one at a later date, or something like that, I will be as disgusted as you so I am reserving my judgement until I've seen and heard more. What I've seen so far doesn't show any financial criteria on Madonna's part. Regardless, whilst I criticise Madonna for things, I do not doubt her sincerity when it comes to freedom and human rights. Time will tell!


Hello LoveMonkey

lol yeah that bathroom does seem to get involved a lot, doesn't it!

It's sad what's happened to Detroit. I hope everyone there is managing to get through somehow. I see the logic of choosing large, global cities for launching projects - larger concentrations of fans, large art establishments, etc - but I would've liked to have seen a distribution in smaller places (maybe there will be other things later, although I suspect it will switch to a purely internet-distributed project). Sometimes it's good to get away from the large cities, and involve the people who don't live there. Still, I'm interested to see how this project goes and what's in store.

I believe in freedom, and whilst Madonna's project may not turn out to be suited to my preferences, I am willing to add my voice to the people of Detroit's. They don't know me like they know Madonna, and I am not rich like she is, but we are all humans in our frailties and our strengths, and we can stand together if we choose to, in solidarity. We don't need celebrities to help us to share our fears and hopes, or our ideas and solutions, although certainly their help can be great.



American Life is a great album but very much unappreciated at the time and now. She has recovered from that with Confessions and Hard Candy which gave her some of her biggest singles worldwide in terms of longevity on any chart in the download era, an era many established acts don't do well in. The UK Sun newspaper yesterday said it was a new world tour....we'll see. But I along with many fans/non fans are getting tired of Madonna's use of guns a lot of late..Get back to good old fashioned pop M..

Joseph Rene

What does she owe detroit...nothing! At all.
She didn't bankrupt the car industry,unemploye the public,steal from any one .
She left and made something of working hard!

UN like corporate detroit executives.


She must've forgotten that most people work on Mondays and have to go to bed early to work on Tuesdays. :/

The Lion

Predictably, whatever this "revolution" is, it'll only include the US and European capitals.


revolution of love! to teach promote tolerance and equal rights around the world. It won't be easy. but it won't be impossible. as you all can read the negatives comments on here? Well,We live in this country because we believe on free of speech ! am I right ? or am I right? How you must feel if your rights is denied it to you? and put your own life to be in prison or maybe be murder by your own people? this is not about fight. this about Education !


Killed her career? dknowles - what planet are you on? Her career seems to be doing fine. Did you hear about the tour she did last year and how much it generated? Some career over, muppet.

Dean Ismail

I've been a fan of Madonna's since 1993 - and although i find this "Revolution of Love" thing a little cringe-worthy, I totally respect her choices.
The fact that her last big political statement was a flop (American Life) commercially doesn't deter her from being political again is one of the reasons why I admire her and why I am a fan.
In my opinion, I feel that she tends to do what she feels strongly about - and if it happens to be a hit, all the better for it.
If it's not a hit, then at least she did what she wanted to do. And I think if I were an artist, this is what I would do too.
It must be very fulfilling artistically to have this kind of mentality.

After all, from the evidence of other artists that I have seen - many have produced stuff based on what they and/or record companies THINK the "fans" or the "public" wants - but that doesn't necessarily translates to commercial success anyway.


You missed DC honey!


Are you kidding me...$70.00 for a t-shirt???

Really disgusting Madonna et al.


Get over yourselves haters
American life is one of her best
Why are u here
The mdna tour dvd is #1 almost everywhere
And m made $125m last year
Career over- dream on


She should've learned long ago that being "political" will not get you anywhere in the business. It was "American Life" that ultimately killed her career, and she has never really recovered from that fall. Everything went downhill for her because of that fiasco. All because of trying to be political. This is gonna amount to nothing but a "revolution of flop."


What REVOLUTION OF LOVE ? Madonna is full of smelly shit..her revolution of anything is just making Money......fake ass un greatfull un human thing.


Does she do everything in the bathroom?

Detroit wasn't on your list.

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