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#secretprojectrevolution Locations Announced

The first of the 'mystery' #secretprojectrevolution locations were revealed on Madonna's Facebook page last night:

Berlin - September 23
Where will you be?

1) 9PM - Oranienburger Straße 60
2) 10PM - Galeria Kaufhof - Alexanderplatz 9
3) 11PM - Friedrichstraße 43-45
4) Midnight - Stralauer Platz

London – September 23
Where will you be?

1) 9PM - Exhibition Road: Exhibition Road London SW7 2DD
2) 10PM - Gerrard Place/Chinatown: Chinatown London WC2H 7PR
3) 11PM - Tate Modern: Holland St, London SE1 9TG
4) MIDNIGHT - Shoreditch High St Station: London E1 6GY

Los Angeles – September 23
Where will you be?

1) 9PM - Hillhurst Ave
2) 10PM - 6060 Wilshire Blvd
3) 11PM - 652 N La Peer Dr
4) Midnight - 1855 Main St

Toronto - September 23
Where will you be?

1) 9PM - 9 Trinity St # 200
2) 10PM - 317 Dundas St W
3) 11PM - 327 Bloor St W
4) Midnight - 273 Bloor St W

New York - September 23
Where will you be?

1) 10PM 306 West 31st Street
2) 11PM 11 W 53rd Street

Paris - September 24
Where will you be?

1) 10PM - Trocadero, - 1 Place du Trocadero 75016 Paris
2) 10:50PM - Palais de Tokyo, 13 Avenue du President Wilson, 75116 Paris
3) 11:40PM - Igor Stravinsky, 23 Rue Saint-Merri 75004 Paris
4) 12:30AM - Pantheon, Place du Pantheon

Rome - September 24
Where will you be?

1) 10PM - Ara Pacis Museum, Piazza Augusto Imperatore
2) 10:50PM - Piazza della Rotonda
3) 11:40PM - Piazza Venezia
4) 12:30AM - Termini, Via Marsala

If you are going to one of these locations to experience the beginning of the #secretprojectrevolution please share what happens with other fans from around the world via

#‎secretprojectrevolution‬ update: Please note that the film will now be available for free download September 24 at 9pm PST from


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Too short of a notice I'm afraid... Such a shame as I live only 15 mins by foot from Shoreditch High St :-( I would have loved to be there. Never mind...what matters is the idea behind this project. Tolerance...freedom of speech...unity


@Manda: certainly not the case in London. Exhibition Road - lots of museums and where Lola and Rocco used to go to school when they lived in London; Chinatown - tourist central!; Tate Modern - trendy, arty; Shoreditch High Street Station - trendy, arty. With the exception of Chinatown, they all have huge spaces for projecting...

The Lion

Maybe if the schedule had been posted a few days in advance I could have been there. Last minute invitation are a little hard to accommodate for most people who work.

I Think I Love You

I left this complaint to Madonna on her FaceBook page just now:
I had no idea about these projections until about half an hour ago - at quarter past one in the morning, more than an hour after the last one in Shoreditch, London. Why on Earth did you only tell us all about these projections the day before? I don't live on the internet, you know. Like you, I'm busy and have work to do. Checking Madonna Facebook pages and other Madonna fansites is not a multiple-times-daily thing I do. I have other more important things to do. Can I suggest informing people of events requiring a commitment of time and travel needs, in a more timely manner next time. 48 to 72 hours minimum notice. Thanks. (Oh, and have the events in a more southerly part of London. Just for me though, on that one...)


Not sure if I'm reading too much into this (not wanting to give credit to her useless team, LOL!) but especially in Germany, some of these locations seem to have been chosen because of their links to freedom (of different types), have no idea about the London ones, but possibly some of the French ones too....? So maybe some credit should be given...!! ;)

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