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Madonna's Net Worth: $500 Million In 2013

Madonna‘s net worth estimate appears in the current Forbes 400 issue in the Ones To Watch section, putting the singer alongside other entrepreneur-entertainers such as country singer Toby Keith, magician David Copperfield and golfer Phil Mickelson as likely candidates to join our list of the richest Americans in the future. The blurb published in the magazine is reproduced below.

Madonna: Halfway to being a billionaire.
Estimated Net Worth: $500 million

The Material Girl has certainly lived up to her moniker: after 3 decades of pop superstardom, she’s one of the world’s wealthiest entertainers, earning $125 million between June 2012 and June 2013 thanks to her MDNA tour, which grossed $305 million. Madge’s fortune is also bolstered by clothing and perfume lines as well as investments in art, real estate and beverage company Vita Coco.



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Indeed Madonna is worth well over 500 million dollars, although she did lose a chunk of her portion when she divorced Guy Ritchie given she had no pre-up, the dumbest business deal she ever entered into. Nobody does it better than her MADGEsty and 500 million is doesn't seem right to me.


@Jason Santoro- I think you are absolutely correct about Madonna now being a Billionaire- I mean after 30 successful years she has certainly made at least that much!

I recall in 1990 Madonna's net worth was widely reported to be an estimated $300 million- Madonna's done a lot of successful & canny business ventures since then, especially live touring & investing in art. Madonna is worth WAY more $500 million.


Last I read Madonna was a billionaire, how'd she loose half her wealth? Bad reporting I think. What does Forbes know? Madonna really knows!

eli lee

generating billions doesn't equal HAVING millions, folks.


Dont care what madonnas worth- thats her business
Do I believe this figure- no , seems low for madonna

Jason Santoro

Madonna is a billionaire. These people always want to bring this woman down. Madonna is the highest paid musician in the world. She has had the most lucrative deals. Live Nation paid her $150 million. Madonna has sold over 350 million CD's alone. Shes been in this for 30 years and she is only worth $500 million girl please. Her concerts have total over $1billion in sales. Madonna is a billionaire. I have no idea why they always want to bring down this woman.

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