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Madonna's 'MDNA World Tour' Blu-ray recalled in US

Madonna's 'MDNA World Tour' Blu-ray has been recalled in the US due to an 'error in manufacturing'.

Fans complained that the sound and visual quality of the tour DVD was substandard, prompting Interscope Records to concede that the 5.1 audio had been compromised.

'Due to an error in manufacturing that has compromised the 5.1 audio in the US, a full recall of the Blu-ray disc will be issued in the US. No other markets will be affected. We apologise for this inconvenience,' the label said.

For fans in other areas experiencing issues, it added: 'Interscope Records would like to make consumers of Madonna's 'MDNA World Tour' Blu-ray disc aware that the concert will be seen at its most optimal quality by properly adjusting the settings on your television to 'Normal/Movie' mode rather than 'Dynamic/Enhanced' mode. Older Blu-ray players or those without a firmware upgrade may experience glitches when navigating the Blu-ray menu. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to upgrade firmware.

The 'MDNA World Tour' home video debuted at number one on Billboard's Music Video Sales chart last week after selling 11,000 copies.

From Digital Spy


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Hendrick Conate

Has the MDNA Tour on Blu-ray been re-released since the issue with the audio and video was discovered in September 2013?


It's been awhile since the recall was announced. Does anyone know if they are going to replace the discs or not? I'm tired of sitting here waiting to see if I should return mine to where I bought it or not.

Erick Peoples

Does anybody know if they (Interscope & Madonna) are going to re release the MDNA DVD?


Is it me, or did I miss if they are going to FIX the problem, and re, release the dvd?
I was so looking forward to it, and when I starting listening to it, I about died. Utter mess !!


11,000 copies. Is it me, or would you expect that number to be higher? Or maybe it's just a result of the fractured market - so many formats and options for people.


The Oz MDNA BluRay needs to be recalled because it has sound issues too- once again our market has been overlooked! I have S&S Tour BluRay and the picture & sound is perfect.


NO wonder the blue ray was good but not great ? the sound is a little lower in some songs.

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