Madonna To Be On Reddit Sept 16th
Events: Official NYC MDNA DVD Release Party


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@Tala- (This is a genuine Q)- What direction would you like Madonna to follow in the future?


Let's do what she does and then SHE can follow US!


@Zachary: that's why I stopped paying mega bucks to see her in concert. I wanna see her just perform, not be bombarded with images of HER religious views and political ideology. So, yeah - I made my choice not to follow her concerts for starters... I check this site occasionally as it is an amazing site, but most stuff M does now - meh!


Well, like it or not: Her spiritual life is certainly none of our business and when she decides to share it with us via her work or her instagram account, she is hardly shoving it down anyone's throat. After all, it's our own decision to follow what she's up to.


"I'm not a Christian and I'm not a Jew..." Hmmmm. You'd never know (the latter) it. A Barmitvah for Rocco, Kabbalah, this. Bet M's secretly converted...


I don't buy any religious c@#p, and religion shouldn't be shoved into anyone's throat. I think, these days, Madonna should be really more concerned about "getting sealed" into a "book" that really matters . . . the Billboard charts. LOL

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