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Madonna did an AMA on Reddit, with her housekeeper typing

Madonna wants to work with Daft Punk

Madonna has revealed that she could collaborate with Daft Punk in the future.
The pop superstar dropped the news as she took part in an Ask Madonna Almost Anything session on Reddit, saying she had already got in touch with the French duo - Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo.
'I would love to work with Daft Punk,' she wrote, adding: 'Just waiting for them to return my call.'
The 55-year-old, who previously worked with their collaborator Nile Rodgers when he produced her 1985 album Like A Virgin, also said she may start work shortly on her 13th album, hinting that it could be released in 2014. Her 12th album MDNA was out in 2012
'There might be... my creative juices are flowing...' she teased.
Madonna denied rumours that her son Rocco, whose father is her ex-husband Guy Ritchie, is planning to release an album.
She said: 'He wishes! Just need to get him thru the 8th grade right now. Get him to do his math homework!'
The mother-of-four also revealed that she had a dream about taking Angelina Jolie's place with fiance Brad Pitt.
'Brad Pitt and I were living together and there was a small blonde child in the bed. Sorry Angelina, it was only a dream. The fact that I had a dream about Brad Pitt... made me laugh,' she added.

From Press Association Via Yahoo! News


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glad someone else can see it also.. id say next tour US fans don't go force the ungreafull bitch to cancel dates and live with embarrassment. Give critics what they have been waiting for..


Madonna - once a forerunner; now a lazy has been. So sad.


I see a Daft Punk collab happening- shame they are overrated & past their prime now. Madonna will probably duet with Miley Cyrus for her next album too.

I doubt Madonna will promote her next album, it with be used to support another tour- performing all her hits 'Candy Shop', 'Human Nature', 'Like A Virgin', 'La Isla Bonita', 'Vogue' & the rest will be new album songs. Her outfits will all be black.


What's the point Madonna? You are not gonna promote shit. But a weak ass oline chat...the way you have been with your latest projects. Just retire! 13 is not a good number.

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