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Yes you really need to brush up on your grammar and punctuation.


Can You read ?......ummmmhummmmm ? I'm talking about USA only..


ummmm nearly 2 millions copies of mdna, barely half a million? Where are you getting your figures from?


Not being. Jaded at all..its being real..I buy her albums and singles for the 28 yrs of being supportive..I know she was shrewd then loved her for madonna shows she doesn't care about her fans her last 500.000 thousand left in.the USA its obvious... hello MDNA album sales barely half a million copies sold...
Why??? Madonna is showing the obvious she don't care about nothing but MONEY. A revolution of love hahaha for money.


what was the point of this q&a? stupid questions. whats wrong with people? definatley no real creative questions were presented. there was nothing new to be told that we don't already know about.


^Zachary: the reason a lot of us are jaded now is because... M is. It is in her music, her tours, her lack of promotion, her apparent lack of involvement in any product (other than perfume or clothing!) - yes, to a lot of us fans who have been there right since the beginning, it really seems as if M was being deeply honest when she sang that she doesn't give a .... She has become cold, distant, detached, bored, uninspiring. A cultural icon on the wane. Get ready for the assaults from the usual suspects/stans!!!


"Dear Madonna - are you planning to come on stage eight hours late at least during your next tour...?" ;-)


Stop being jaded and get a life. None is forcing you to follow her Q&A on reddit - or for that matter to be a fan of her.


STAGED!!! Like everything in M's life! Sad, but truth!

I dont understood whats on M's career nowadays,
i used to love her a lot, now i am just over her, ughhhh



@Rico: spot on! And, of course, at this stage in M's career, it's all about maximum money for minimum effort.


Dear Madonna, do you still pee in the shower? :)


Will someone please have the guts to ask about the MDNA Live releases and the lack of audio quality? Go to the Queen herself and she will make it right. :) Oh! and ask about a remix compilation haha :D


Ask me anything? oh madonna bitch please...... the callers or the questions will be staged.. u can't ask this woman anything.. bullshit!!!!!!!!! Id ask her this.. what don't you show fans you care about pushing your last album and now the DVD of the tour ? You are not that busy.....
Of course they won't have REAL questions like that...

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