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Madonna On Syria: U.S. Should 'Stay Out'

Madonna is the latest person to join the chorus of voices speaking out on the ongoing situation in Syria. The pop diva took to Facebook on Thursday to express her position on the possibility of the United States' intervention in the Asian nation.
The 'MDNA' singer has long been an ardent supporter of President Barack Obama, who is currently pushing for military intervention in the wake of Syria's use of chemical weapons. But Madonna has also been vehemently anti-war, having once compared President George W. Bush's tactics to those of Saddam Hussein.

From The Huffington Post


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It appears that Madonna will jump on ANY bandwagon if it will keep her in the news! Personally I dislike it when Entertainers involve too much politics in their work.

Madonna should concentrate on her Musical Career. I like it best when Madonna provides Entertainment that uplifts my spirit & distracts me from the many troubles that plague our world.


Its always such a pleasure to see funny people like those guys below.I mean,bilions of people have realized,Madonna has realized,even long time partner in war England has realized,yet people like you still cant think even if your life depended on it.I mean, why think?We have our leaders do the thinking for us,and they're our leaders so they are all knowing,wise and noble.Sure,Assad knew his country has all this oil that so many countries want,and yet he is oh so stupid as to gas all those citizens of his to death,giving his enemies the opportunity and the excuse to interfere and invade his country,right...And we all know how well all those US "peace making" invasions have worked in the past,huh?You reeeeaaaally have restored peace and happiness in the Middle East.I mean,okay there's still death and poverty and widows and orphans and hunger and people dying every day in all those nations you so care about and attacked but who cares?You overthrew the maniac crazy leader that used to rule,putting in his place someone you can control.You want something,you create a toxic situation to use as an excuse for interfering,you attack,you take what you want,you move on to the next target.That's American "pacifism" in a nutshell,everyone knows it,but youre probably Americans so you have no idea (or brains or common sense).As for people like you,who believe a nation like America gives a crap about another nation and is willing to spend all those bilions for them,well..your soul (and brains) will be more difficult to save than the Syrian nation.America did not become America by having the best of intentions.You are NOT your government,you dont have to support it in everything it does.Think for your self and dont buy the lie.Bye.

Madonna did the right thing.Peace (and America out of) everywhere.

PS Oh btw,im sorry to inform you,but 20 years ago you missed an opportunity to save yet another nation.Im talking about Rwanda,you know that little nation you had nothing to gain from,so about 1 milion people were slaughtered in 3 months.Oh well,next time.


For f's sake, Madonna, just concentrate on your dead music career. You're not gonna get any attention by playing the political activist cr@p.


It's not an Asian nation. It's a Middle Eastern Nation

Gary R.

I am a huge Madonna fan, but, like many superstars of the entertainment industry they live in their own world. They have no one who will say no to them, and no one who wants to disagree, therefore they think their opinion is the most popular and informed. And as someone else on here said.....Madonna, why don't you explain why it is ok for Syria to gas their own people. What if it was one of your children?


For starters hopefully she would find out who perpetrated the evil deed before killing even more people in retaliation...


And do you guys think those families want a war??? Syria was fine before, check their statistics and not only what Obama says. The only people who want a war are those ones who can take anything out of it, and that is, politicians and big companies who can get a piece of the cake (petrol). The NATO plans its attacks years in advance before they finally take place. Open your eyes!! there's plenty of information about it on the internet. Leave Syria alone, and Lybia and Irak, and Afganistan and all the countries with resources that don't want to go into business with the united states


It's not Assad, it's the rebels, they have admitted it. And they get weapons from the USA, they have done the same before. They plan everything, blame someone else and attack another country with resources to make money.. Hillary Clinton has admitted they created Al Qaeda.. Who does Obama and the USA think they are to go attacking countries... some kind of god?? c'mon...


I have to agree with Madonna on this... if and when we attack... MORE children will die than from this maniacal dictator... if we drop bombs
how is this going to help? Bombs with bombs... No thanks... Madonna is right... for sake of humanity... we are better than this.


What would she Instagram if it were her kids getting gassed? Stick to the music, hair dye and lipstick.


OK, Madonna. If it's for humanity's sake, you think it's acceptable for Assad to GAS his own people? FFS, popstars like you think you are politicians - well, you're not. Instead of the usual utter DROSS you post on Instagram, let's hear your views on why it is OK for a Government to attack it's own people. Like, "for humanity's sake".

I am a HUGE fan, M, but your "popular politics" suck.

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