VICE meets Madonna: #secretprojectrevolution
Madonna's Instagram: Thanks to my soldiers!

Madonna Launches #secretprojectrevolution

Madonna performed for a star-studded crowd in New York City on Tuesday night as she launched a new Internet project.

Stars including Lindsay Lohan, Zachary Quinto and Madonna's ex-husband Sean Penn turned out for the launch of the singer's Art For Freedom initiative, which encourages members of the public to submit 'video, music, poetry, and photography' to a new website.

The event at the Gagosian Gallery in Manhattan featured the screening of a promotional film, which shows the singer playing a prisoner and a jailer, as well as a performance from the Queen of Pop.

The Vogue star performed a new song onstage with a masked dancer, who was eventually revealed as her young son, Rocco.

As part of the launch celebrations, the film, directed by photographer Steven Klein, was also screened at various locations around the world, including London, Los Angeles, Toronto in Canada, Paris, France, and Berlin, Germany.

A statement about the project, posted on the website, explains, 'Madonna & Steven Klein invite you to start your own revolution of love. We have created this platform to give people around the world an opportunity to answer the question: 'What does freedom mean to you?' Express your personal meaning of freedom and revolution in the form of video, music, poetry, and photography. Join the revolution by submitting your art for freedom below, or by tagging your posts #ArtForFreedom.'



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Cool pic. Rocco is just a lovely young man. Is that Madonna's mole making a welcomed return?


Rocco sure has grown up even in the short time since the MDNA Tour! He is going to be quite a hunk...!


so beautiful!


She looks beautiful, and Rocco sure is growing up. He looks like his dad and mom so much.

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