Video: Nicki Minaj's 'I Don't Give A' from the MDNA Tour


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MDNA will go down as M's forgotten 'era'. Hopefully. An utter disaster, artistically and promotion-wise. Not to mention an abysmal singles chart lack of success. Oh, M : were you really that bored with it all? We were...


See Madonna Doesn't care..changing dates not even trying to promote the Dvd

Over her crap... don't buy her crap ban her

Give her a taste of her own medicine .


Yep, in Hong Kong we get the regular DVD, the blu-ray, and the regular DVD+2CDs box set ... so altogether 3 different versions.

It's probably very similar to, if not the same as, the Epix broadcast.

There is also a big display at HMV in Kowloon. They also put the DVDs right at the front of the store but a lot of people miss it because of the somewhat nondescript cover (which reminds me of the Rain single).


The blue ray is amazing ! They shouldn't make some scenes in slow motion they fuck it up on the fight of madonna with the killer ! That is one of the best part of gang bang song. Her ability to move and fight was amazing! Bummer :-( but the blue ray is great !!


They should have used that picture of Madonna with the guitar as a cover for the DVD. The cover looks really dull.


Glen - JBHiFi are advertising the DVD plus CD pack as available Sept 15.


F&^K!!! It's the 10th, alright, but it's not in any stores here in Canada. Even if you order online, it says it won't ship for 3 to 4 weeks. What's going on???


@Adam- The DVD & the BluRay are very different versions of the concert! I know this because I own both formats. I don't know why this wasn't disclosed!

I watched the BluRay first & I was disappointed with the presentation of the Opening Sequence. When I watched the DVD it presented a much different & better overall perspective of the Opening Sequence & the overall stage & screen projections throughout the concert.

Of course the General Picture & Sound Quality of the BluRay is better. If you can afford it, buy both.


In Australia only the DVD/Blu-ray is available - is there a pack with a CD recording as well available in Hong Kong?


the far eastern countries embrace Madonna probably more than even central europe


I have a question - are the DVDs and Blu rays the same version of the show? And is this the same as the Epix broadcast? I am reading conflicting things.

Thanks :)


hahaha "featuring all the hits and fan favourites"

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