Cher: 'Madonna Is An Amazing Artist'
Books: Madonna NYC83 by Richard Corman

Fan Reports: #secretprojectrevolution screenings

Many madonnalicious readers attended one (or more) of the #secretprojectrevolution screenings that took place around the world on Monday and Tuesday nights.

Here is a shot from the screening in West Hollywood (N La Peer Dr) on Sept 23. There were about 100 people there and it was a huge success! Such an incredible experience!! - Peter S

This is the secret project in NYC, there were around 300 people on 31 street and then at 11 pm most of the people met outside MOMA again, here are the pictures that I wanted to share it with you guys. - Diego P

Location #1 for the projection of the secret project in the gritty neighborhood close to the tenderloin in San Francisco. - Trina H

I was at the Tel Aviv for the premiere of the SecretProject. Report and pictures on my blog at - Kristóf S


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@Tracy, Lou and ngl: Yes! Good grief! I was SHOCKED when I read just how few people/fans attended a free event! Kinda reminds me of the famous poster, "Imagine they gave a war and nobody came"... "Imagine Madonna wanted to start a secret revolution and nobody came".


Madonna better snap out of her alternate reality soon, & forget the vanity projects for the present time. Madonna's fan base has clearly diminished when only 100- 300 people show up to a free 'revolutionary event'. C'mon Madonna, no more hesitation- you need to create some decent music again & reconnect with people.


Blimey - those attendance figures are TINY! You'd've thought more people would have gone to a free event! Maybe people are just losing interest in M now...?


Hmmmm. 100 people attended. 300 people attended. Hardly a roaring success for a free event! Yup, M continues to alienate her fans, people cannot be BOTHERED any more. Let's have some GOOD music already, instead of this claptrap, M!!!!

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