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Luv ya, M, but this really is the biggest load of pretentious, poncey stuff you've ever put your name to. An embarrassment.


Its amazing how Madonna puts effort in stuff like this..As I watch this movie or what ever its called.. Why cant Madonna write good lyrics and sing about it ? That's what fans want. Sorry but we all now about worlds problems need to try to remind of the evil and terror out there what you do BEST make good music....and videos.

Gady LaLa



I want to follow up my previous comment with something specifically about the artforfreedom calendar.

The website says that Madonna and VICE will be curating content for a calendar. They could easily have done this without such master/slave Terms. If the calendar will be sold to raise funds for a charity then it could (and should) say so, and give specifics. They could easily have had Terms for the calendar, and Terms for everything else on the site.

Madonna's heart is in the right place and I strongly agree with what she is saying in this project. The internet already allows us to publish artwork without exploitation, so Madonna needs to re-jig those Terms and treat people the way she wants to be treated. She wants respect as an artist, she needs to give that same respect to artists.



I feel excited that she's doing this but the terms and conditions for people sending in artwork do, it turns out, give Madonna/her people total and irrevocable ownership of your work and a licence to sell it. There is a piece in the Terms about the creator of the artwork remaining the owner whilst agreeing to their artwork being treated as 'non-proprietary' (you are not the owner if what you 'own' in theory is being treated as non-proprietary in practice), then further down it says Madonna/her people have the right to sell and re-sell your artwork, create products or services from it, advertise products using it, exploit it without restriction, and so forth. It reserves the right of Madonna's people to terminate your use of their service, but you can't terminate their use of your artwork.

The terms could easily have said that our artwork would be used for charity fundraising but not for non-charity commerce. They could even have specified particular charities or projects, so people knew exactly what they were supporting with their creative efforts and time. Or the platform could have been set up to not involve money, full stop.

I doubt Madonna would happily submit her artwork under such terms (obviously early on in her career she would, as we all have to, submitted to an imbalanced contract for the sake of earning money to survive, but that is a different kettle of fish).


Roger Bischoff

I love you. Thank you for allowing me to be me.


The real enemy is lack of public interest. Zzzz . . .

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