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Cher: 'Madonna Is An Amazing Artist'

Superstar Cher has put her former feud with chart rival Madonna firmly in the past, insisting she has nothing but respect for the Queen of Pop and her ability to stay on top of the latest trends.
The Believe hitmaker was taking part in a question and answer session with fans on Reddit.com on Saturday when she was asked if she still hates Madonna, a year after appearing to criticise the Material Girl's decision to call her last album MDNA, a take on party drug MDMA.
She replied to the fan, 'Madonna, no. Actually I don't (hate her). I never hated her, I just thought she was a b**ch. Actually I quite respect her.'
She went on to lavish praise on the blonde singer, adding: 'Actually I think Madonna might be one of the most amazing artists I've known. I don't like everything she does, for sure, but she is always riding the crest of the wave. She always saw trends way before anyone else, and had great videos.'
Cher came under attack from Madonna's loyal following last year after sarcastically branding her MDNA album title 'tasteful'.
The 67 year old also previously took aim at the pop veteran during Madonna's 2006 Confessions tour, when Cher insisted stunts like entering from the ceiling and cracking a whip were eerily familiar to her own past stage antics.
She said, 'I look at Madonna and think, 'Nice try dear, but you're not doing anything I didn't do 20 years ago.''

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If you look at some of Grace Jones' jawdroppingly amazing concerts from the early 80s, I think you'll find SHE was already doing much of what Cher wants to take the credit for!


I will like to know what Cher has done before to Madonna ? I don't see anything. Cher has a great voice and nice Beats in her music. He is a great artist. but no one is this earth can be compare To Madonna.

Madonna brings new trends,fashion,art,music,future vision,style,no to mention that she promotes equal rights all around the world and always push to people to learn more about each other and culture. Shre is one of the most complete singers I've ever seeing in my life. I respect her and love her.but I feel like so many people keep trying so hard to put her down and don't respect her enough but this is not surprising for me. Happens in the beginning of her career until this present time. 30 years after Madonna still ruling the world with her art. There is only one queen and that MADONNA ! Bitch..

Dean Ismail

I do like Cher but I somehow don't think she is comparable to Madonna, in terms of "substance" and "empowerment" - her music work, including the concerts were fun and glittery.
However, many Madonna's songs, video clips (think Human Nature) and concerts tend to have more substance - think "Forbidden Love" during Confessions Tour and many more throughout her other concerts too.
Cher, whilst I like her, is more akin to Kylie Minogue. They're both about pure pop.
Nothing wrong with that, but the level my admiration is slightly different.


I Like CHER ... However they were NEVER CHART Rivals! Cher is just Cher she is a great artist..But does not come close to Madonnas achievements ..Regardless if she ga has been around since the late 60s. not trying to start anything but Believe was Cher's LAST top 40 Top 20 Top 10 Top 5 US number 1 hit back in 1998.. anyway glad she doesn't hate Madonna although she has Trillion reasons too

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