Forbes name Madonna as top-earning celebrity of 2013


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Exactly like Madonna.

And at least I use my real name or initial

Hehe. ;)

T for Troll...?

No, T - you're simply obnoxious and opinionated...


ngl - it would be 'well said' if more 'fans' critiqued her with at least a high school level of discussion.

Most 'fans' just say its awful, ugly, desperate, nasty, insane, blah blah blah.

I've heard it all before, sorry, Jim!


I don't like the Ray of Light album. I'm such a stan! LOL!!! :)


@Jim- Well said Jim!


Well said, Jim.


@ Jim : I am with you 100% on this! Couldn't have written it better myself! I have been a fan of M right from the very beginning and am still here, but I often cringe at some of her plain, downright nastiness and detached arrogance. So I guess I would fall in to the "in spite" of category you so aptly label!


Hi Alex

Whilst it's never been a secret that a lot of Madonna's fans like her for the attitude you're referring to, by this advanced stage of her career it should also be equally well known that a lot of her fans like her _in spite of_ that attitude.

I like Madonna for various reasons, enough of them to keep me strongly interested in her and her work even after several albums that have not been to my taste. I'm not bothered by 'grillz' or any other fashions that I might dislike, it's up to her what she wears, but she makes a mistake if she thinks that all the criticism she gets is by 'non-fans' or 'untrue fans': some of it is motivated by spitefulness, but some of it is just decent, honest feed back from people who care about her and her success. I wish she'd acknowledge that, but I do think that using Instagram etc is a mistake. Artists need a certain amount of separation from the public in order to create well.



Madonna's attitude vis-vis grillz is also a reason why we love her so much! Go on Girl!


Why they are not pretty, dental care in the US is so expensive, yet M you are wearing something so expensive and unnecessary . Sell them and give them to charity. If it was for Halloween ill give you a pass but if not , I am disappointed.


What r u up to mdna?

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