Madonna on holiday in the South of France
Madonna's Instagram: 'Art History Spirituality!'

Op-ed: Are You There, Madonna? It’s Me, Ari

Singer Ari Gold grew up with Madonna, and his admiration for the pop icon shines through his work.

I came out to my orthodox Jewish family in my first year of college in an 18-page letter I read aloud to them. When my mother couldn’t blame herself for my being gay, she tried blaming Madonna, and tore down my shrine which included LPs hanging on the walls, European sized movie posters, home made collages and a mammoth in-store cardboard cutout display of 'Who’s That Girl.'
Fifteen years of therapy later, I realize that much of my adult career has been about being noticed by my mother and my father - a recurring theme in Madonna’s own life and career. I had enjoyed a successful career as a child vocalist singing on more than 400 jingles including backgrounds for Diana Ross and playing a character on my favorite cartoon, Jem and the Holograms. But after my voice changed and I wasn’t working anymore, I felt like a has-been—at age 14.
As if puberty isn’t tough enough, my father decided he was going to start a talent management company for other children. It was the ultimate show business rejection.

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