Let them eat cake!
Madonna's Instagram: 'Perhaps I had too much Champagne!'

Madonna wears daring Marie Antoinette costume

Madonna celebrated her 55th birthday at an extravagant French Revolution-themed party in France this weekend.
The queen of pop, who was joined by her toyboy boyfriend Brahim Zaibat, 25, wore a daring Marie Antoinette costume complete with curly blonde wig, long false eyelashes, and a black heart-shaped eye patch.
The superstar clearly had a ball at her birthday bash, tweeting a picture of herself clad in an extravagant violet-coloured garment, embellished with sparkling sequins and showing off her incredibly toned legs: 'Perhaps we had too much Cale! But at my Birthday Party all I could see was LOVE.'
She speedily tweeted again to correct a mistake. 'Perhaps I had too much Champagne! I meant to write CAKE!' wrote the party-lover.
The pop icon was surely referring to Marie Antoinette's famous phrase, 'let them eat cake'. She made sure there would be enough for her soirée, with a sweet five-tiered cake complete with sparklers to match the occasion.
Madonna’s spectacular party was catered for by luxury bakery Ladurée and seems to have been filled with the epitome of French chic – photographs shared on Instagram show a classic white piano, extravagant cocktails and guests dressed in wonderful costumes.
The birthday girl was pictured arm-in-arm with her eldest daughter Lourdes, as well as sitting on her boyfriend Brahim Zaibat's lap at the bash with a cocktail clasped firmly in her hand.
Prior to the special soirée, Madonna arrived with her boyfriend in the South Of France and visted Menton, a picturesque coastal town close to the French-Italian border where a classical music festival takes place every year, the weekend before.

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Good thing most people aren't old enough to know those movies, 'Ladies with an attitude'. ;)

M looked fantastic!

Ladies with an attitude

The eye patch is waaaay too Bette Davis in 'The Anniversary'...


she seems to like this look-I personally love to see her in an eye patch--girlie show & in get stupid video for s&S tour.i think she looks very sexy in them ;) xxx


She would have looked without the silly eyepatch.


She should have left out the eye patch.


I think she wore one of her Re-Invention tour costumes.... It looked like a fun and decadent party....

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