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Madonna Options 'The Impossible Lives Of Greta Wells'?

Madonna's film efforts haven't received the highest praise in the past, but the 54-year-old queen of pop may try her hand at directing once again with an adaptation of the recently released novel 'The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells.'
Andrew Sean Greer, author of 'Greta Wells,' told SF Weekly that Madonna called him personally to discuss obtaining the rights for a movie. It's unclear whether the singer will simply produce, as Greer speculated, or take on a larger role with the project.
'Greta Wells' depicts a woman living in New York's Greenwich Village in 1985 when her gay twin brother dies of an unnamed disease that mirrors AIDS. The shock treatments she receives as therapy allow her to travel back in time to 1918 and 1941, where she encounters old acquaintances and finds much-needed self-discovery. Greer's book has received positive reception from critics, with The New York Times calling it a 'generous novel' that's 'as precisely engineered as a Swiss watch.'
'I got a phone call last week....I think it’s fine,' Greer reportedly told Litseen. 'No one’s asked me about this....From a celebrity who read the book and loved it so much she called me up personally to talk to me about it. I thought it was going to be one of her assistants who was like, loved your book, she’s interested. Right. She didn’t read it. But oh no, no, no. She called me. She read it. She totally got it. There were a couple other people interested and they sort of all made a deal together, and she’s optioned the rights to it. We’ll see what happens. But it’s fun because it was Madonna.'
If she were to direct, the movie would mark Madonna's third feature behind the camera, following 2008's 'Filth and Wisdom' and 2011's 'W.E.' Both efforts received largely negative reviews, but Madonna has never been one to shy away at the behest of critics.



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I think Madonna should leave directing well alone. I blame the demands of WE for the lacklustre 'MDNA' album, she didn't have the time to focus her energies on making a great album. Music is what made Madonna a Superstar & it's still what she does best.


I didn't think that Evita was anything monumental acting wise but am rewatching Dangerous Games at the moment and M kills in that. :-). Although there is more obvious potential as a director so it will be quite interesting to watch how she brings that extraordinary eye and attention for detail to Greta Wells, in whatever capacity.


Madonna films are hillarious
You just have to take them for what they are
Not the best ever, but ok to watch
Dick tracey and a league of there own were fine and w.e was good - but the critics wouldnt give it credit
Dss was a hoot
Just like elvises movies from his career
A hoot

Lucy Mitcham

'Greta Wells' is a truly breathtaking book, set in different time frames (1985, 1945 and 1918) and beautifully complex like 'The Hours'. I read this on my Kindle in just over a day! If this film project ever comes to fruition, I fear that in the hands of Madonna it will be little more than a disastrous vanity project. In the hands of a skilled director (I can imagine Ang Lee doing justice to this novel), it could be a mindblowing film.

I have seen all of Madonna's films (as an actress and as a director) and, for me, with the sole exception of Evita for which she should have won the Oscar, they have been disastrous. (DSS was cute, but I didn't see much artistic range from M.)

Bring on the attacks from the Stans... ;-)

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