Madonna visits friends in Rome
Madonna visits Hard Candy Fitness club in Rome


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The grillz and the waxy/shiny face are wrong on every level.


I wish that she would wear more age-appropriate attire. She looked terrific when she was promoting her children's books. The grill and the fingerless gloves need to go.

Just Me

Madonna, ever since the beginning. You look awful with those whatever, but I love your music. From the first album to MDNA, I guess it is just about express yourself and turn up the radio.


LOL@anyone who actually believes Madonna thinks she looks good with these.

Are you all new fans??!?!?


I, as most of the people that visit this site, love Madonna. She is awesome in so many levels. However, I do think this a plain bad choice. I understand she is having fun, but it is definitely on detriment of her, most of the time, cool and flawless image.

April Jess

I agree with most of you, those grillz make her teeth look rotted, and take away from her beauty!
However, she does things to shock us (she's the original pop provocateur), and to get attention. And, she's certainly getting our attention with these!


Madonna has gone from style queen to style nightmare! Madonna needs a confident stylist ASAP that will both assist & be honest with her.


Madonna has the world at her feet, but the grilz are not worth it- lets buy the mdna tour on sept 10th/9th and hope they go away


I loved this look back in her Erotica days. She rocked the grillz back then but now....not so much. Can't wait to see what she does next hopefully whatever it is doesn't involve grillz.


I love them and think they're fun. I want some!


If it's not her changing face, it's something else like these awful Grillz. Madonna - you have nothing to prove. You are fit, healthy, inspiring... So leave these Grillz off your teeth and ditch the Botox! Your pillow face is not looking good!


NOT a good look on anyone, including M....


Looks hideous! What was she thinking?




Long-time fan here and there may be those who disagree with me, but I am sorry to say these are the worst pics I've seen of M in a long time. Those "grillz" do not flatter her in the least and actually make her teeth look like they are rotted.

Unfortunately, she looks tired and bloated, which of course is human -- but that mouthpiece is as unflattering as it is unnecessary and bewildering.

It's painful to see her trying so hard, especially when she doesn't really need to.


NOT a good look. must be for her boyfriend. who wants that crap on their teeth? horrible !


She's having fun! Let her! I celebrated my birthday by wearing a crown at the restaurant.
Have fun people, have fun....


Yes take them off please !!!


I agree. They look horrible on everybody. Madonna should have more class than this. Life time fan. Love her to death. But the grilz needs to go!


I have always believed Madonna could do no wrong.......She just proved me wrong. Very disappointing.


Shit man! She looks awful with those grillz..

Mad on You

Has she lost her marbles?? The grillz look terrible on her. She looks like she has advanced tooth decay.


So embarrassing.


Of course they look awful. Just like she looked awful during Who's That Girl and with the same Erotica 'Dita' teeth.

Madonna isn't about beauty. She always makes herself look odd then comes back looking stunning.

She has done this throughout her entire career.

Where have you been?


I really don't think braces look that bad compared to grillz. Grillz just look awful, as the other poster said. They look like they support rotten teeth, like they're there out of necessity, rather than a "feature".

On top of that, I don't think that is necessary for anyone to show off golden riches (be it as jewelry, or grillz). Gaga did that recently too with her golden chair, and she got blasted for it. I see no value in flashing your wealth or your status.

Instead of paying for these grillz, I'd have felt better if Madonna was giving that money to help her hometown in Detroit, which is in a complete disarray. I often think what I'd do if I had lots of money, and the first thing that pops into my head is "help my village in Greece", which is where I grew up. Since Greece is also in such bad financial position, I'd help my village with maintaining the roads, having clean water etc. I heard of nothing of the sort that Madonna did for Bay City. EVER. Even if she might have hated the town (we know she did), it's still her town, and her family still lives there.

But hey, forget villages and cities.

How about her BROTHER? The one who lives in the streets? Sure, he might be a screw up, and he might be in bad relationship with Madonna. But he's still her brother, and it makes no sense in my mind that she would spend money on these god-awful grillz than feeding her brother.

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