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Madonna: The MDNA Tour | EPIX Offical Video of Q&A


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Anyone knows the song Rocco was listening/lip-synching to?


Madonna- Please get a Stylist to assist you & a Decent Manager to help you navigate both old & new media so that it works to your Advantage once again.


rocco is cute he is looking more and more like a ciccone;-) he even does have tha mole. madonna should bring that back and dump the gangsta wannabe grillzz


For God sake you guys need to lighten up...She is a mother 1st and a pop star 2nd...Her kids come 1st she has always this vid is harmless and shows her having a bit of fun with her son who seems fine with it all. This is not her new look or reinvention, just fun with her child.


Madonna - we are embarrassed for you!!!

Stop looking SILLY!


Madonna & Twitter, Youtube, etc just don't seem to mix all that well. Sad to say but when 'M' posts things like this she just looks ridiculous. I love it when Madonna just does Madonna & isn't trying to be young or trying to jump on a fad that ladies her age should avoid. The truth is she's old now (there's nothing wrong with this either by the way)& vids like this just don't work for her anymore as they would have 15years ago. The same thing happened to Cher (eek comparing 'M' to Cher I feel guilty) & she eventually moved off to the side & let young nes like Madonna take the spotlight. Maybe Madonna should do the same (not disappear but step a side. I feel bad for even saying that). Either way MADONNA is still No1 in my eyes <3 ue QUeEn 'M' xoxo


lol!!! 'don't look at my gold grills alright'!!!I do like the fact that she sometimes doesn't care that she has no make up on,hair is a mess & she sounds like face is numb from dentist(probably is)-lol!!!xx


Madonna, almost 60 years old, without make-up, having fun with her son.

Shame on you, Madonna!!!


The grillz are ridiculous. First time i have ever been embarrased for Madonna




Absolutely pointless.

Gary R.

First of all the clips are so short they are barely worth watching. Secondly, is that what Madonna's teeth look like now? I hope not.


Bad case of mid-life crisis. She looks very awful here.

a shocked fan

madonna what the hell r u doing? this is going direction frankenstein. after the golden tooth while erotica, this "things" is the most hideous accessoire u have ever worn! ever!
its not cool, or stylish or hip, just ridiculous. where has my style icon?


Rocco is adorable in these videos.
Madonna, not so much.

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