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They can hack as much as they like, Claire, but they will never keep THE premiere Madonna fan site down! ;-)


Love your site, even if you don't always 'approve' my comments.

Sorry about the hacking.

@Pat Bradley - We should be lucky to get 'old' one day. Look at Goober, she is 26 or 27 and looks older than M. Eeek!



I'm so sorry this happened. Good luck getting it straightened out. Licious is such a great place to be hacked! STOP IT!


bless you! you have the best site no matter what!


Argh, how annoying! - thank you so much for all your work x

Ian Duncan

That's horrible that your server's been hacked. But I'm glad you're getting it all back to normal again. I love your site, you do such a great job with it. I've been enjoying it almost every day for so many years, and would be so sad if it disappeared. So thanks a lot for all your work, I appreciate it! :)

Pat Bradley

Maybe M was trying to delete the pics where she looked old

waleed alawadhi

Sorry to hear that , i dont know why such things happen to nice people like you , you are doing a wonderful job , and here comes some assholes who dont like to see such a successful web site going on for many years . I hope you can fix this , without your page , we cant fallow madonna news what so ever . Thabk you .

jon pert

how frustrating for you - these people are soo annoying. love the website claire! its such a great place to spend time online


Wow, that sucks. I'm sorry that happened to you. I hope things get worked out. Good luck to you. This is a great site. Too good to be hacked!

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