After an Addicted to Sweat workout
The Queen is back in London town!

Site News: Gallery

Just an update on the madonnalicious server. It is back online after the hacking but I have the slow process of uploading all the gallery pictures again...and it is taking ages! Everything up to 2010 is back online, the rest will be back online over the next few days. Thanks for your patience!


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Hi Clare,

Too bad that madonnalicious is hacked... (Want to use other words but let's keep it tidy) ;-p

Thanks for your endless effort to keep the site updated!

Take care and hope that it won't happen again! Good luck with updating the gallery, but be aware that I appreciate what you do.

Take care, and once again, thank you!!



These hackers need to stop hacking and start going to the gym instead! This site is wonderful and thank you for all your work.

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