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All this may be disturbing to some, but what I find odd is that, looking at recent close-up pics, Madonna has fuzz on her cheeks and chin, and, that none of her 'people' or Madonna herself has done anything to get rid of it. Now, that is weird huh? Let the poor woman know for fuck sake!


i actually liked the 'dita' look ;) xxx



Apparently nobody remembers Dita and her unattractive cap.

Madonna does this all the time: looks great, then bad on purpose only to come back looking hotter than before.

Who's That Girl look anyone?

Is everyone here a Ray of Lighter? Meaning they only became a fan in 1998?? That's the only logical conclusion I can make on this site.


One of the most photographed faces like Madonna is ruining her image by taking this kind of awful and ugly pics. Also, her obsessive involvement with the Kaballah, together with advertising that has made her so much bad.This could also explain why her recent records do not do well, apart from the poor quality.


yes I remember july 13, 2004. I know now what I should have done not throw myself from the 12 floors. but I survived that what matters and now have a beautiful daughter that makes my life much better then before. I would have miss her if I killed myself. I love myself today and regret putting my family through the mess. I thought they did not care for me and they were all there when I woke up. so yes Madonna life is precious. I am in a different head now. I have to be here for my daughter she needs me.


Madonna- Why?

Sharon Champa

If life is so precious, please stop using guns as props, my lady,


I find them very unactractive,


Most likely the point, Sean :)


Sorry but they're hideous things on you Madonna.


the grillz are hideous!


weird but great ;) xx

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