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'Madonna' Turns 30: A Look Back at the Debut Album

30 years ago today ‪‎Madonna‬ released her first album. Thanks for bringing all your fans together for the journey so far, some of us joined at the beginning, some were later to the ride, but we all are having a great time!

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I believe this album is way under certified in the US. 5 million copies is way outdated number. Its been nearly 25 yrs since its certification . The blue print of today's gimmicks.... trying to re placate .... Madonna should be at 8 or 9 million in the Us alone.


Pure pop perfection!!!


Fab album and debut. Loved this album when i was young and newly discovering the Madgesty. The very fist album i ever bought with my own money was a cassette recording of 'Like A Prayer', quickly followed by 'The Immaculate Collection'. I was about 10-11 and my father then bought me all the prior albums - including the original cassette recording of 'Madonna' - after i's stolen my uncle's vinyl recording of its UK incarnation 'The First Album'. I remember listening to it over and over again. I still have all the original albums from my youth. Looking back, it's so obvious that i would inevitably be gay. Lol. Such a cliche. Time may have passed but this is a remarkable debut album with some fantastic singles and other great tracks. Every song has a great beat and i continue to love it to this day. While i enjoyed the MDNA album, i thought the tour was a bore and the set list extremely anti-climatic. She doesn't make them herself like she used to but she missed a beat not doing a mash up remix of 'Physical Attraction' with 'I'M Addicted' on the tour - this would have been amazing as the songs represent old and new but connect so well. Ah well, as Tiffany might warble 'Coulda been so beautiful!'


they said you where a one hit wonder
where are 'they' now?
30yrs of great music
Thank you.


I love this cover to-in England it was re-released called 'the first album' with a different & colour photo.i to also remember buying it on vinyl from my local record store!!cant believe that was 30 years ago!!!!makes me feel old,lol!!!xxx


Gotta be honest and say I hated this album when it was released. The songs seemed to go on endlessly. Burning Up was the only song that I liked. I actually fell in love with Madonna when I saw the video for Like A Virgin. She looked spectacular and I loved the song. My sister wanted the Like A Virgin album so I got it for her for Christmas. Well, after listening to the first 4 songs on that album I ran to National Record Mart (yes there were actual record stores in my day, which makes Madonna's and every artist back then, record sales all the more impressive because you actually had to go to a store to purchase your music, unlike today when you can just tap a few keys on the computer and buy air) and bought the Like A Virgin cassette. I wore that cassette out and had to buy another. Loved everything from Madonna ever since, with highs and lows. Bedtime Stories is my least favorite album, not because it is bad, but because it is just too mellow for me. It actually took me a long time to start liking her Debut album. I started a song at a time, I don't really know why I didn't care for it then, but now I can say that I LOVE it and listen to it alot. I always have at least one Madonna cd in my vehicle at all times, and I can say that I loved the MDNA cd. It was a very personal and angry album post divorce and it had 2 of her best ballads ever in my opinion with Masterpiece and Falling Free (which is such a heartbreaking moment in time), as well as killer dance tracks in I'm Addicted, Some Girls, Girl Gone Wild and Turn Up The Radio. Gang Bang is a deeply dark and personal track with a killer beat, and who hasn't felt like that after a breakup. I don't think it was meant to be taken literally. Love Spent is a beautiful song in every way, so telling in her feelings in having to pay the ex all that money, and the acoustic version is just so haunting. Beautiful Killer is a great mix of new with Die Another Day. Superstar is just a carefree and happy song that reminds me alot of Cherish and it always makes me smile when I listen to it. I know alot of people did not care for MDNA, but I love it and hope you would give it another try and listen to the deeper, sometimes not so subtle messages in the album. Cheers, and now EVERYBODY get up and do your thing!!


This is when my love affair with Madonna began. I still have the original vinyl from 30 years ago, and a couple of duplicates. It is my favorite cover from all of Madonna's albums.... I love the combinations of the leather cock rings, rubber bracelets, & metal jewelry. Yes SHE IS wearing leather cock rings on her wrists.... I also have this cover in a limited edition framed lithograph that I bought from Madonna's website.


I think Madonna's first album holds up extremely well over time. It's clear & uncluttered production, universal lyrical themes & direct vocal approach combine to make it a great classic album.

Little did people know then that Madonna's lyrical sentiments expressed in "Burning Up" was to be her artistic manifesto! "Unlike the others I'd do anything, I'm not the same I have no shame- I'm on fire"! Believe it!

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