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Madonna premieres new #SecretProject trailer

Madonna has released a new teaser for an upcoming #secretproject.
The singer has teamed up with Steven Klein for a new, currently-unknown collaboration and has previewed a new video clip for fans.
The black and white short pans across a series of shirtless male models as Madonna makes declarations during a voiceover.
'I feel that people are becoming more and more afraid of people who are different,' she says. 'People are becoming more and more intolerant.'
It is not yet known what Madonna is working on, but the star has been promoting the hashtag #secretproject to get fans excited.

From Digital Spy


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If she's talking about Obama she's dead on. The rest is self indulgent and egotistical.


Lady Goober has ever only been in 'top form' with the brilliant, 'Bad Romance'.

This looks redundant, because Madonna already did this with Klein in 2003.

And those aren't models, those are average looking backup dancers.


Looks great

get the picture?

ballsy stylo, luv it!
keep up the spirit M!
love as bullets!
knowledge as ammo!

thank U, M!
all the best,

son of a gun :)


Looks boring and redundant. This is really not the kind of thing to do if Madonna wants to stay relevant, especially now that Lady Gaga will soon be very visible and obviously in top fighting form again.

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