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Madonna, Defend Paris Team Up for Human Rights

Madonna’s mystery video now has a name. The gritty dance/fashion film the singer shot with Steven Klein #secretproject video is part of a campaign to raise money for human rights causes through a new label inspired by old-school streetwear called Defend Paris. Madonna was among the first to wear a black and white screen-printed hoodie from its inaugural collection in May, featuring an assault rifle emblazoned in the center of the logo.
The singer’s boyfriend, Brahim Zaibat, is among a group behind the label, a cloak and dagger operation that has promoted itself with imagery utilizing gun violence as a narrative. For now, the Paris-based designers wish to remain anonymous. But a spokesperson for the collective says Zaibat will appear in ad imagery on Defend’s newly-launched website, which includes a lookbook and e-store of black and white hoodies, sweatshirts, tank tops, T-shirts and hats. The items, made in France, retail for 25-55€.
The spokesperson would not say if Madonna will be involved in the design process, although several high-profile figures are being lined up for collaborations, each choosing a charity they would like to 'defend.' Zachary Quinto will be among those designing collections and Chris Brown, Rihanna and Steve Aoki have also been seen wearing the brand. 'Some of them will design Defend Paris clothing,' the spokesperson said, adding, 'Some of them just loved the concept...and supported us.' Proceeds will be donated to a cause of each designer’s choice.



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Madonna has stated that she 'likes pushing peoples buttons' & therefore people should Feel Free to Express their Honest Opinions- be it good, bad or indifferent- ABOUT MADONNA & her work on her fan site without scorn & ridicule & personal attacks.

Thankfully almost everyone on this Madonna fan site shares honest & interesting opinions ABOUT MADONNA & HER WORK & are respectful towards others- ALL except for ONE Tragic person.

One Tragic individual, that I refuse to even name, is nothing more than a spiteful attention seeking Troll- whom appears to believe that this is a fan site devoted to them!

This is a Madonna appreciation site- there's only ONE Queen & that's Madonna!


@ Troll Hunter
you are absolutely right.



Why in the world would I leave?

M needs at least ONE fan on her site saying positive things about her, don't you think?


Make fun of people? Uh, huh?!?!

I come to a Madonna FAN SITE and all I do is read complaint after complaint.

Now that's SAD. Especially for those thinking M is going to quit or that her time is over.

I've heard it all before...


What???? You gotta be kidding me!!! :-///

Troll Hunter

Why on earth do people even bother "biting" and responding to T, the ageist? S/he simply wants attention by slating anyone who has the gall to do anything but kiss M's butt. (There are two other similar posters - you know who you are!)

I read the comments, and either laugh or go "Meh. Same old, same old" and move on. If no one even commented on T's posts, then s/he would not be getting the reaction s/he wants and the attention s/he is so desperately craving.



@ T
you are a sad person indeed. all you seem to do is make fun of people. why don't you do what you said you were gonna do a few posts ago and leave. YOU are a bully.


And Madonna doesn't applaud 'fans' constantly complaining about her on her fan sites.

She actually just wrote a letter to people like you last week and tweeted it.

There is a big difference between not liking something and complaining, over and over and over and over... Same person, different alias... over and over and over and over... on a Madonna FAN SITE.

There are plenty of things Madonna does that do not interest me, but like most non-self-loathing fans would do, I choose to ignore those topics instead of posting "OMG i hate it, why doesn't she do this, why doesn't she do that!!!???!!! WHY??!!!??!!"

That's the difference. ;)


Has it? I use my real name/Initials, unlike 40+ guys like you who use weird alias names.

A stan means you like everything a person does, no matter what. You and others complain about EVERYTHING SHE DOES.

Defending a woman on her own 'fan' site doesn't make one a stan, but nice try ;)

Any letter but T...

The person who posts as 'T': I reckon it is T for TROLL.

Stans r Pains

@T: "never satisfied, always wanting more..."

Yes! Madonna would applaud us for that. For pushing and not going for second best...

Your usual 'Stan sarcasm' has backfired for once!


The Material Girl is just that these days - material... from a clothing point of view anyhow. It's now all about clothing, fragrance, sunglasses, gyms, etc. When a celebrity comes to these kinds of endorsements so late in her career, to me it is a clear sign that the artistic drive is waning more and more.



never satisfied, always wanting more...


Is that all it is?...A clothing line????...Really not interested in anything to do with guns, that's trying way too hard now and with Chris Brown and Rihanna wearing them. Madonna shouldn't pander to this generations feeble attempts at being controversial..

Enough now Madge...Time to get back to the music...


not sure this is accurate

if it is then meh... why all the secrets and teasers

lets hope there is more to it


So disappointing - thought this was going to be something really artistic and edgy and like it is more about selling more clothes with some dodgy celebrity endorsement

Have zero interest now - just hope the next album is amazing


Unbelievable, that is how we just found out about the secret project!


so that's it??????? a clothing line!!! im actually very disappointed!! :( yes-I understand its a charity clothing line--but this not what I expected at all.oh well.xx

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