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'Like A Prayer' re-release rumours denied

Earlier this week a story was published on about plans to re-release the 'Like A Prayer' album to celebrate it's 25th anniversary. The article mentioned lots of exciting special extras that would be included on the release.

madonnalicious has spoken to Warner Brothers who state they are not sure where this rumour started but they have nothing on schedule for this re-release.


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The re-release would also be a remastered version. It's no surprise Warner Bros. denied this. When it comes to Madonna they don't like to talk about what they're up to. She likes surprises.


U2 re-released an amazing version of Achtung Baby with a complete alternate 'demo' version of the album and more.

Like A Prayer could be incredible with the same treatment.


The video version should not replace the album version of Express Yourself! It should be a bonus track. The album version has actual musicians playing instruments, just like the rest of the album. I wish she would make another record like that. Since ROL almost everything she has recorded has been electronic. I hate to say it, and I do like a lot of her more recent stuff, but her sound has become so predictable over the last two albums.


Madonna's 'Like A Prayer' is such a Wonderful Album, it certainly Warrants a Remastered & Expanded Re-Release.

Some of the album's single releases were remixed for radio/music video & deserve to be included on a rerelease- namely 'Keep It Together'(single remix) & 'Express Yourself'(video remix- a unique edited fusion of two remixes, the 'local mix' & 'non-stop express mix'). Also worthy of inclusion is 'Like a Prayer'(12" club version', 'Cherish'(extended version) & it's rare B-side 'Supernatural'.


Of course they have no plans. It would mean that it would make perfect sense. Heaven forbid they re-release her best album!

@Will - the Video used an edited version of the Local Mix. Easy to find and great!


I agree re lease the dam Hit Album... sales should be 5 million by now


It NEEDS to be re-released, with the video version of Express Yourself replacing the album version and perhaps some unreleased songs.

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