Madonna, Defend Paris Team Up for Human Rights
'Like A Prayer' re-release rumours denied


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What's so horrible about being a Christian? It's a beautiful religion. It teaches all of us how to get to heaven and why we are here: Jesus said love one another. That's why we're here.

Catholic Chris

And next week, we see Rocco learning the intricasies of Islam. After that, Sikhism. Then Buddishm. Then Hindusim.

Best to let a kid makes its own religious/spiritual choices.

Unless the Bar Mitzvah was just an excuse for a party? Can't ever recall Lourdes having a Bat Mitzvah.


That's true. Rocco was baptised in the Christian faith too. And I don't mean it in a bad way. I would love to go trough every religion's rituals. I'd love to be initiated in Islam, Hinduism and Kabbalah too. All religions are complementary to each other if you can read the meanings behind the symbols.


The Kabbalah Faith is said to be a branch of the Jewish Faith- this would explain Rocco's Bar Mitzvah.

It's mysterious that Madonna clearly states in her 'American Life' single "I'd like to express my extreme point of view that I'm not a Christian & I'm NOT A JEW"! BTW-Madonna also had Lola & Rocco baptised as Roman Catholic Christians when they were infants. I guess Madonna is making sure her children's spiritual welfare is taken care of.


But according to her own words you can be a Kabbalist without being Jewish.

joe doe

I thought that it looked like Guy but then I was like 'no way'. Awesome though. It looks like everyone had loads of fun.


Madonna is a Kabbalist...that is a branch of Judaism, so I imagine she is raising her son the same :)


I didn't know he was Jewish.


I'm guessing it's to do with Kabbalah - it's some sort of branch of Judaism i think.


Is Madonna raising her son Jewish or are Bar Mitzvah's given for anyone that is of age for a Bar Mitzvah of any religion?

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