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Events: Herb Ritts Beauty and Celebrity Exhibit

madonnalicious reader Keith shares this news about a Herb Ritts exhibit currently taking place in Oklahoma City:

I am from Fort Worth, TX and was doing an overnight visit to Oklahoma City for a concert that happened this last Friday night. After the show, I came across the attached flyer at a bar in OKC advertising a Herb Ritts exhibit. The exhibit which runs through to Sunday 28 July 2013.

I thought that perhaps you could share this news with the other readers of your website since Herb Ritts has created some of the most memorable Madonna photographs. The exhibit includes only this one Madonna photograph, but it is well worth the visit to view the work of Herb Ritts. The exhibit also includes a video which talks about the life and work of Herb Ritts, his process, etc.

Below is the flyer below advertising the exhibit, and a sign outside the museum - with a Keith's great car (see the numberplate) parked infront!





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I LOVE the photographic genius that was 'Herb Ritts'- the photos he took of Madonna were always beautiful.

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