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Madonna expresses herself via costume


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I really hope the DVD will be different ! There is to much effects and the camas move to fast plus their are missing the great dance choreography by cutting then with those effects. Bang bang fight is great to watch with those effects and vogue should be more focus on her no to the public. But I love it the epix version.


To @ T
Your mocking attitude towards anyone who has anything critical to say is truly boring, not to mention childish. Are you that insecure? I have seen other posts from you and most of them are condescending. Grow up. If you can't have a civilized and adult conversation about Madonna projects with other Madonna fans without blowing smoke up her ass then just keep it to yourself. This is a fan site for all of us madonna fans to discuss the highs and lows. Not everything she does is perfect or even works sometimes. I have been an avid supporter of the MDNA album since its release. I love it! Killer dance album and I am so happy that it won a billboard award for best dance album. So if you can't be nice to other fans then just keep to yourself. Oh and this isn't a lady gaga bashing site either. Keep the discussion about Madonna, thru good and bad times, remains the queen.



Madonna has gotten better vocally with each tour. Masterpiece alone shows she can sing live.

Considering her age? Again, LOL! Lady Gaga is HALF her age and can't dance an entire 2-hour show like Madonna and can't even keep her show on the road due to low ticket sales. Not to mention at 26 Lady Gaga needed HIP REPLACEMENT SURGERY??? LOL!

This isn't about age, babe.

I thought the Blond Ambition Tour wasn't that great - doesn't mean it's a fact.

Please people, post things as opinions, not as facts.



I watched the MDNA show last night and feel deeply disappointed about it. I believe, vocally, this is one of Madonna's worst live performances ever. I skipped the first four five songs as all of them were heavily edited using awful sounding vocoder. I just wish she lip-synched instead! And honestly, I am not a fan of MDNA album so did not expect anything amazing during the show. She could obviously hardly move around with those high-heels, so why bother wearing them if you can't properly do a simple dance routine? As to the set list, I could only watch I am a Sinner and Love Spent...the latter could have been much better if performed in an original version. So, given all the factors, including aging and worsening vocals, this could be one of Madonna's last tours:-(


I had just watched the mdna tour, even I did not like few edited parts of the tour, it was incredible to see madonna once again in a tour of force like this, miami, my city gave her the best of public and fans for this tour to be part of madonnas career history, i was there both nights, it was better than i was exptected to see, my highlights were bang bang, amazing choreography, express yourself with giving all your loving another smash hit, the love decadence of justify till love spent was her best at tour, and of course the closing of the tour, open your heart, i am a sinner, turn up the radio, like a prayer, was simply beautiful, madonna really moved her fan base in miami, her real fans that loved her with devotion and passion for her music, i cried, it made me to go back again to november19, and 20, when she said dont fuck with the queen for waiting for her till long hours, and at the end when she said we are off the hook, implying that everything was done on her wish, but most of all all her fans felt happy one more time seeing our diva promoting what she does best: MUSIC
Madonna loves her fans, everything she does is knowing that her fans are there supporting her, all the way, fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! now everybody knows why she is the queen of pop music, is her legacy, now another deliver from the diva herself to her fans means that she is not ready to stop doing music yet, but also she will be doing more tours, till next time where we can encounter again with the queen and also to make more friends who love madonna as myself
HAIL TO THE QUEEN FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jeffrey, nobody called anyone names. Queen as in drama queen. That applies to females and males, myself included, at times.

And everyone always seems to have a complaint about every Madonna project.

Is anyone ever satisfied? My god.


I'm relieved it wasn't a documentary film and we got the actual MDNA Concert Tour.

I just wish Madonna would return to her more classic & simpler style of concert documentation- a concert filmed from one venue & gentler paced editing would have worked better.

I had 2 issues with this concert film 1) It was edited way too fast & frantically and this made it difficult to appreciate things 2)The filmed footage came from multiple shows which led to continuity problems- she often wore outfit variations & thus her outfits changed back & forth many times during each song! Madonna should have worn identical outfits for the shows she knew were being filmed & this would have resolved the problem entirely.

On a positive note, I appreciated the terrific sound quality throughout the MDNA concert film & I'm delighted that we got to see the entire MDNA Tour Concert. I can't wait to it's released on DVD!


to T,
I don't see anyone else resorting to name calling. How childish of you.


lol@all the Queens freaking out. The DVD was amazing, probably one of her best. The B&W during LAV/Love Spent was breathtaking.

I think the DWT and the GS were both awful on DVD.

So again, opinions are like arseholes; everybody's got one. :)


The DVD was phenomenal! I loved the editing (some of it was quick, but I didn't mind) and loved how it made me feel like I was right back in the front row of the GT. Also, I was included in the DVD for a good, solid three seconds during Like A Prayer. I'm the boy during the second verse! :)
I am so filled with joy and cannot be more thankful for it!!
I hope I get a chuck of the paycheck! Hahahahaha.


Loved it. I get to see all the details I missed during live show. And thank god it's the whole concert and not documentary film.

JoJo Pelon

I was astounded at how good this show was. When I originally seen the set list I was disappointed. M does not disappoint! This show was amazing! The production value is top of the line and M puts out like a 25 year old on speed! I don't know how she does it. Awesome show!


I gotta say I am lukewarm to this viewing. Had to watch it on my pc as I don't get epix with my cable. Maybe I will enjoy it better on blu ray in stereo with my sound system. I will say I was unhappy with the way Like a Virgin and Love Spent were filmed in black and white. totally distracting from the rest of the show, and I absolutely hated all the still shots during that segment as well. i want to see the performance, not photographs. This is a concert after all. I agree with anoir, way too many artistic liberties taken and frantic editing. just show the damn concert. I enjoyed this show way better when I saw it live. I hope my opinion changes after watching the blu ray on my 42inch hd tv. If it doesn't then this will be my least favorite Madonna concert dvd. One last thing that bothered me was the cutaways to other shows. Different outfit and different audience was very distracting as well. My overall grade of the show after watching on epix online is a D. Oh, during my favorite part of the show, which was the cheerleading section, the editing was so frantic that you barley even noticed the drummers suspended above the stage, which was TOTALLY AWESOME live. I am just so disappointed right now. PLEASE redo the concert before it is released on blu ray.


I thought the show was amazing! I ordered the channel just so I could watch it in HD on my tv. The picture & sound quality was great. I felt like I was back on the Golden Triangle when I saw the show in Boston. I can't wait for the DVD to come out. I will be watching it again today.


loved loved loved it waited forever to watch.
great job made me wish I could see this tour live again. cant wait for the dvd!!!!
screw gaga ;)


I really loved it. No complaints.

Rick in MD

I watched last night and was extremely disappointed. The opening was WAYYYY too long(glad I wasn't sitting there for it..especially hearing how Madonna showed up hours late for every show)...She looked AMAZING...but the over-editing..cutting every second...too much crowd...not enough panning out to see the whole stage. I loved that she said that she cared about her fans, yet still feel she no longer truly does. Not following thru to the climax ending of "Vogue" like at the Super Bowl, leaves out the BEST part(don't know why she doesn't realize that)..To stop right when it's grabbed you is just a tease(not in a good way). "Masterpiece" was and is her best song since the "Confessions" album..and she did it brilliantly. "Love Spent" album version was MUCH better than the slow version in the show. Enjoyed "I'm a Sinner" and the closing was incredible. A tease of "Open Your Heart", "Papa Don't Preach" left you wanting more(and I know she's sick of performing her old songs, but they have left imprints on her fans hearts and if she cared she would do it for the fans...not just a blip here and a blip there...except for Like a Prayer which can never be topped by her "Blonde Ambition" performance of it. This tour made more money, and was an incredible electronic spectacle...but for fan entertainment and fan fun..she still seems to leave most feeling empty at the end. Still love her, but The Blonde Ambition Tour is still her MOST ambitious, MOST fan-friendly, and MOST memorable tour of all time....


EPIX SUCKED for me!! Almost crashed my one computer, I watched on my upstairs p.c. Until the first costume change and that computer froze too! Can't watch on the iPad because no flash. So frustrating I gave up and will wait for the DVD. I, for one though, will never attempt to watch anything else on EPIX again...

In response to Jackie - why would Madonna have to give credit for use of born this way when it is a complete rip off of express yourself in the first place? Wasn't that the point of her including it in the first place?

I can't wait to get the DVD and properly watch the entire show. L U V. Madonna


Too many camera changes too quickly. I felt dizzy after 2 minutes.


I think this dvd is an overproduced, over-edited, frenzied cinematic mess. There is a different shot/cut/scene nearly every second or two. Though it did capture the hyper energy of Madonna & the crowd, I found it exhausting to watch.

I was especially annoyed that "Love Spent", the most intimate live performance by Madonna yet, was so out of focus with the harsh use of special effects with the soft lens filtering, and using black & white color only, that Madonna was barely recognizable.

There was too many artistic liberties taken with this concert. I just want to see Madonna & the show without the artistic hype. The lack of closeups of Madonna also made me feel disconnected as a viewer.


The like a virgin and love spent segments were amazing. The main issue I had was with Madonna's vocals on Girl Gone Wild and Gang Bang...sounded robot-ish and just plain awkward. When I saw her live in LA her vocals were awesome. And even online the countless recordings of those songs in the concert sound great. I'm hoping the Blu-Ray has a different sound to both of those tracks than the ones shown in Epix.

Gilbert U.

I just finished watching the MDNA Tour 2012 for the 2nd time and boy did it bring back memories of the Houston show. The editing was great and Madonna did an excellent job capturing the overall feelings of the live show from various venues.

Looking forward to the DVD release. I'll probably watching it many more times before my epixhd free trial membership is up. Madonna, thank you for the excellent concert footage.


I am watching it a second time now. Love it! I can't wait for Madonna to tour again.
I was at one of the New York shows and one of the Miami shows.


Err... confused here. There were no credits for "Born This Way". Isn't that illegal or... well, just wrong of the production not to give credit to Lady Gaga or the writers of the song? :P


the queen a 10 I am getting the dvd as well there is no artist like you never will be I also seen via the internet going to watch again later I watch that I felt all the work Madonna put in to it im breathless

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