Madonna: The MDNA Workshop (Uncut)
The MDNA Tour Premiere Screening Tonight!


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I'm a huge fan, HUGE fan, have been since I was about 12 and Holiday went to number one, but this is something I never though Madonna would be.. lame. It pains me to say it, and I'll always still be a fan, but this really is just lame.


check you mistaken statement. the name of the song is Gang Bang. it has not been changed.


Pop has NEVER and will NEVER be ORIGINAL.

And yes, Bang Bang is the name of the song. She changed the title later on after re-working some of the lyrics and the production.

Jennifer Violette

My main struggle with Madonna is this: For someone who pretends to be so much more spiritually evolved than us mere mortals, the violence, shouting the F word and saluting with the middle finger are baggling and contradictory. If she were all about peace, acceptance and love, then that is what she would be spreading. Peace and love aren't taught as the opposite of violence. I haven't understood her imagery since the Drowned World Tour.


I'm in agreement with most here, enough with the guns and violence and the metaphors for them. We get it, move on. Love Revolution? Not with these images, which are tired, the violence theme goes back to American Life and the Re-Invention Tour: dark, fatigues, guns, violence, etc. THIS is not exciting, or original.


What is this secret project? Her workout video??????

Hamish Ewart

If you're going to leave a comment on a Madonna fan site, you have to at least get the names of her songs correct... Bang Bang??


And unfortunatly, Nad and XYZ - most 'fans' who move on usually don't stick around on Madonna fan sites.

Just sayin'....

Nikki Finn! Calling Nikki Finn?!!!?!

Hamish Ewart

Sorry guys - I'm a HUGE fan, but this is pretentious twaddle. I mean come one WTF!


Madonna - you are really boring us with this crap, especially with violence!!!

The 80's Madonna was simply the best, with being so fun, influential, and stood out from the rest of the crowd.

Unfortunately most fans are getting tired with the same old revolution rubbish....


Its tragic when u refuse to acknowledge ur age and act as such, its all I can say. Its very tragic

Jed Cooke

People really need to get a hold of themselves before they start judging. I personally thought the guns used in MDNA were fine and worked as part of the Narration of the tour that goes from dark to light... The secret project for me looks intriguing beautifully shot and dark and I for one can't wait to see it... Nobody really bats an eyelid when rappers, Scorsese or Tarantino use violence to expresse their art ... So can we all just wait to see what it is before you judge her se harshly.....


On one hand you have to give an artist room to breathe and grow/evolve. On the other hand, does it make sense? I trust Madonna. I think she gets it right. I have not always liked everything and publicity pranks to sell albums but I think she delivers. She is hardworking and she delivers.


People were 'over' Madonna when she rolled around the MTV stage in 1984. She is still here and so are all of you complaining.

I hate gins and wish they were banned, but apparently none of you listen to Madonna when she talks about why she used guns in her show and I refuse to waste my time typing it out because apparently people don't care to listen.

You only see what your eyes want to see.

Couldn't have said it better.

And NGL - please leave if you are over her as quick as a ray of light. Quoting one of her most awkward and obnoxioius songs won't win you any points.


Also, why didn't any of you stop being fans in 1987 when Madonna used a gun in, 'Who's That Girl? Oh, she was playing a character, that's right...




While her use of guns and violence has been excessive lately, I think everyone should reserve judgment until the whole song and video premiere. This is only a trailer.


I agree with many people's posts here about Madonna's disturbing use of guns & violence in her work. Madonna wasn't lying when she sang "I'm not like the others, I'll do ANYTHING!"

@rick in MD- is correct, Madonna (during her 'Sex' book phase) was asked about where she drew the line, she clearly said 'Violence'. Madonna didn't use violence in her work until 2001 & she then made a trio of violent music videos & used violence in her DWT concert before thankfully giving violence away for a number of years.

I have been a Madonna fan for decades, but with her excessive use of guns & violence in recent times I'm feeling more & more estranged from her now. I'm over 'Controversial Madonna' (& I thought she was over that too), I prefer & want back 'Inspirational Madonna'! Sadly the Madonna phase I loved the most disappeared quicker than a ray of light!


Yep. For someone who wants a "love revolution" and who knows about spirituality, the law of attraction and how life truly works...
Madonna stop the bullshit.

Give us a real love and peace revolution or assume your role as a violence ambassador! Peace attracts peace, violence attracts violence. It's pretty basic. You are not stupid.
So aren't we!!!
Stop the crap. Feed your fans some hope and vision of a better world instead of guns, rape, homicide, sex and cheap dance music.
Really not impressed. But happy to read that I'm not the only one.


My god. Lol again at the madonna "fans" slamming what she is doing. This isn't 1985. Everything isn't about lace and gloves. Although now when she wears gloves, her "fans" say it's because her hands look old. LOL!

This woman can never win. ZzZzzz...


And what's up with this illuminati crap? One-eyed theme, devil horns? black church motifs? Are you kidding me Madonna? I thought you were a fighter and rebeled against stupidity... Is this what we're getting from you know?


Okay, we've seen the whole "gun" thing now! Can you move on, please?! I simply don't get what on earth should be artistic about guns...?!?!?


Girl loves her guns, doesn't she? Maybe she should move to Texas and take up target practice...and golf. I'm not sure how any of this is meant to be empowering to women and girls around the world who are literally dying for their rights and freedsoms??? I have infinite respect for Malala, a young woman who really did get shot in the head just for trying to go to school. Madonna, you are out of your depth here and it feels like you are using victimized women as a platform to assert your 'brand'. Knock it off.


I am getting extremely tired of the violence. Why has she strayed into this territory? Totally unnecessary and disturbing coming from the Ray of Light Kabbalah Madonna.


Yes, but what is this? A short movie?

Rick in MD

I watched the MDNA tour last night on EPIX and was shocked by the guns theme. During "Revolver" and "Bang Bang"...I tried to just chalk it up to artistic creativity but was still disturbed. I remember an interview by Madonna quite a long time ago where she defended her use of self sexual expression but pointed out how she would NEVER take artistic freedom with condoning violence. Well, it seems the one thing she took from her marriage to Guy Ritchie was acceptance of violence(which for shock value is discouraging). You had "What it Feels Like For a Girl"(video), "American Life"(video), "Die Another Day", "Revolver" and "Bang Bang"...Just because there are rampant repulsive shooting in the news constantly I don't feel it gives good reason to hop on the bandwagon and as was so blatantly seen in the MDNA Bang Bang set, encourage it.


guns have NOTHING artistic these days. especially when pretending of using it. this is so wrong madge!

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