Epix MDNA Tour Promotion in Los Angeles
The MDNA Tour - Epix HD Trailer

MDNA DVD/Blu-ray to be released 26 Aug (27 Aug for US)

Madonna's groundbreaking, critically acclaimed, controversial and visually stunning MDNA concert will be available in the US on August 27th (August 26th globally), it was announced today by Universal Music. The two hour MDNA extravaganza was the most successful tour of 2012. Presented by Live Nation Global Touring, the tour included 88 sold out shows in 29 countries. Madonna and her ten member band lead by musical director Kevin Antunes and troupe of 25 dancers performed a wild two hour spectacle that fascinated, enthralled and entertained 2.2 million fans.

"Madonna spent six months personally editing the video footage from 30 cameras and many different shows to put together the MDNA DVD. Her attention to every frame, every detail and nuance and total commitment to show her creative vision has been done to perfection. Each song is like a short movie. One minute you are in an action movie and the next you're at a golden era musical before shooting across to India and back for a house party to finish. It's better than any 3-D Imax movie out there and at a break neck pace that would make any Olympian struggle for breath," commented the show's co- director and supervising editor, Danny B. Tull.

The MDNA DVD was directed by Danny B. Tull and Stephane Sennour and was produced by Madonna.. Executive producers: Arthur Fogel, Guy Oseary and Sara Zambreno. Tour wardrobe was created by Arianne Phillips. Supervising Editor Danny B. Tull. Director of Photography Mark Ritchie.

From Madonna.com


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Je suis en retard toujours maintenant

@ THE QUEEN: The Blu-ray will probably start with shots of the audience milling around, waiting, getting annoyed, etc. for three hours before the actual concert starts on the disc, to give you the complete M live MDNA tour experience!!! LMAO!

Thomas Gruber

It'll be interesting to see if the release date holds. I don't think any Madonna concert DVD in recent memory has been released on the date that is initially reported - it's always delayed for some reason. As far as a live CD is concerned, I wouldn't give up hope. If you remember, the Sticky & Sweet Blu-ray didn't include a live CD but the DVD version did (I own both). That might be the reason why the press release doesn't mention a live CD - to avoid confusion between the two format releases & to downplay that you ironically get less with the Blu-ray release.


Madonna-A Beautiful Evita Queen! Can't Wait!


I'd like a live CD too--but given that the Sticky and Sweet had 'corrected' live vocals and only 13 tracks the whole 'live' album concept may not really applicable with the MDNA DVD.


I was hoping for a companion live album. Guess it's not happening this time. Still very glad to have the DVD. So it's pieces of multiple shows put together. That is also different than in the past.


Oh God it will be a long wait!!


Cannot wait to see it! And of course I won't have to wait 2 hours for the show to start either LOL. All hail the Queen!


great news !!!because I can't wait any more time !!!!wooooWWWWWWWWWW!!!


FINALLY!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!

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