Madonna Celebrates DOMA and Prop 8 Rulings
Madonna’s intimate Brooklyn dinner date


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I really like this softer Madonna look- it's 'Live To Tell' meets 'Love Profusion'. It would be wonderful if Madonna kept this look & made some beautiful ballads again.


I think she looks great in this pic, I prefer this softer look, which hints at contentment. Anyway, I am going to go off topic,but- am I the only one looking at the room and how pokey it is? Is it a hotel? is it her house? am I a bitch ? lol

I Think I Love You

Her hands are fine. What needs examining is the brain of the person taking the picture. It takes particularly poor judgement to take a picture of someone and allow for the key light source to be positioned exactly so that every ripple in someone's skin casts a distinct shadow, exaggerating even the most subtle of the complexion's imperfections, making the subject look 20 years older than they actually are. I can't believe Maddy didn't decide it should be re-taken with her standing in a slightly different place or the light source being moved.
Look how her left hand looks fine, because it's more flat on and closer to the light source. The shadow cast by the forefinger on her right hand betrays the problem caused by the culprit light source. Move the light, or move her. Take picture again. Problem solved.
If only there was someone present at the time who understood imagery aesthetics and photographic techniques properly. Like a film director, or their DOP for instance... ;)


Jeffrey, you are NUTS!

I am on here trying to STOP everyone from being negative and putting everything Madonna does down.

Nice try at reverse psychology, but it isn;t going to work.

This is a Madonna FAN SITE. Not a kiss M's ass, site, I understand and know people will not like everything she does, but when the same, tired, boring people keep posting negative comment after negative comment, it just reminds me of Lady Goober's awful fans who want Madonna dead.

Now YOU stop being a bully, Jeffrey and move along.


She's accomplished MORE than all of us combined so we can have whatever kind of hands she has! Let's all go to the gym and work out and feel better too! xoxoxox THE QUEEN!


I find it funny how some people get upset by a simple question. I never criticized her hands. I just asked what was wrong (assuming something bad was going on) with them since they were so veiny. It's the first time I've seen them like this. Simple question, people... relax. No need to get all defensive. Grow a pair. ~_~


To T
I am sure that everyone else would like it if you did just go away. I have read your other comments and you are nothing but rude and condescending to everyone on this site. How childish. Are you that insecure? Seems to me that you are just a bully. Oh, and this is not a lady gaga or kylie minogue, or any other artist bashing site. If you cannot be nice to fellow Madonna fans who are here to comment on all things Madonna whether they be good or bad, then please keep it to yourself. Your smug attitude does no service to Madonna, who appreciates thinking and critical fans. Not everything she does works, but I still love her endlessly. We are all free to express ourselves without some rude ignoramous mocking and making fun of those in disagreement. Make your point by articulating it in an adult manner, not some rude, borish, childish, temper tantrum way. If you cannot do that then by all means, move on. All Hail THE Queen, MDNA!


There is nothing "wrong' with her hands... She's mid 50ies , that's what happens when you age. Stop being an idiot.


Maybe that's why she wear gloves most of the time...she might feel uncomfortable about her hands


Her hands are like that because she works out, they've been like that since 1993! I have friends who are thirty and have the sam veiny hands , it's all because she works out


This is one of Madonnas that I like very much.


Her face looks gorgeous but her hands are another story. Hey, most of us have something that not flattering.


Madonna is about to turn 55 and has worked hard to become who she has become, against all odds. Her journey is not only pretty damn incredible and awe inspiring but well documented. For anyone to question the wrinkles on her hands or face etc. is just crazy.We get old we loose our looks and yes we die. Celebrate this amazing woman's accomplishments while she still lives and honor her age, don't use it against her. Those are incredible hands that have done incredible things and they deserve your love as well.


Rafael, those are the hands of a person who works out a lot. Strong blood flow equals large veins.

Should she put her gloves back on?

As soon as I saw the pic, I knew everyone would complain about her hands. 50% of Madonna fans complain that she always wears gloves, the other 50% always complain about how 'old' her hands look.

Wow. I am almost done reading comments on Madonna 'fan' sites. It's one thing to have an opinion, it's another to constantly blast every little thing she does, over and over.

*pun intended*

Oh, and she looks GREAT. Straight out of 1998 ROL promotion.

Gary R.

I am hoping this is a new album, but I doubt it is. Since Mr. Klein is involved it is probably a photo shoot of some sort. I hope Madonna knows that her fans live by her music. I think in this digital and social media age music artists don't necessarily have to release a full album to put their music out there. It is perfectly acceptable to release singles without an album to back it. Actually it is being done alot, musicians are releasing singles well ahead of their new album. Anyhow, I wish Madonna would start doing this so we fans don't have to wait 2-4 years for new music. She has released singles for movies soundtracks, but I really think that at this point in time it is a good idea to release singles on their own. It could actually be very advantageous because if the song bombs the artist knows not to put it on their next album.....or vice versa if it's a huge hit it will be a great platform for the new album. Peace all, and Madonna if you read this, I am starving for new music from you!


Seems like the batchroom is the place to be at least for M! Love her in this pict. She looks very much like the "Ray of Light Madonna".


beautiful face and hair....


She looks amazing... And I don't care if she did or did not do any surgery, does it really matter? People are free to do what they want with their lives as long as they don't harm others. I applaud you Madonna, you look beautiful as you have always :-)


Oh my... what's wrong with her hands? D:


She looks simply stunning

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