Madonna wants to start a 'revolution of love'
Madonna to open Hard Candy gym in Berlin


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Bella Donna.
She is great. She dresses for the "Event". In this case the outfit was more serious for chime for change. Other events she shows her sexiness (which has no age with her body).


I love this! Serious and very adult. I like the fact that she is going from one extreme (Billboard outfit) to the other (this elegant, very "French" style)


These are nice photos of Madonna in her 'Chime For Change' outfit- just wish she had worn this black hat on the day! The vast majority of performers & people that gave speeches at 'Chime For Change' wore all black too.


She looks great. I always like her outfits. She dresses for the "event" and what she is trying to portray. I can't stand people saying things about what is age appropriate when she has a great atheltic body at 54 (wish I will at 54). I find this outfit more serious for this occasion and with the beret. It looks revolutionary. Better than the outfits JLO and Beyonce were wearing (who dresses them!!) Bella Donna Madonna.


I agree, she looks quite strange in these pics with that big head a little body, especially her eyes, they dont have the sparkle any more, she looks tired or like she has been crying.


I agree, this is a very appropriate and stylish way for her to dress. She looks wonderful and isn't 'trying' so hard (that she looks foolish). Hope this is a direction she continues to go in. I really appreciate the introspective Madonna much more than the 'Girl Gone Wild' of late.


How does the picture exactly reflect the message of change/women's and human rights. I just see Madge dressed in black.


I think she looks AMAZING!! THIS is how she should dress (not that see through twenty-something crap she has been wearing lately). She is so elegant and needs to dress like it.

I L.U.V. Madonna

Whoa! BAD pictures! It looks like her head has been photoshopped onto her body, the photos are that out of proportion!!!! :-o

I Think I Love You


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