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Madonna to open Hard Candy gym in Berlin

After the recent launch of her new luxury Hard Candy Fitness center in Rome, Madonna has just announced plans to expand her fitness empire to Berlin.
Her second location in Europe, the new club will come equipped with dance studios, weight rooms, swimming pools, Jacuzzi and a lounge with a bar to relax and hang out, and is set to open in September.
Madonna and her trainer, Nicole Winhoffer, also recently released a series of four workout DVDs featuring Winhoffer and incorporating objects such as a bathroom towel and a sturdy chair into the routines. The set, 'Addicted to Sweat,' is based on the same high-impact dance workout programs Madonna relies on to achieve her svelte physique.
The Material Girl opened the first Hard Candy gym in Mexico City in 2010 and has since launched clubs in Moscow, Sydney, St. Petersburg, and Santiago.

From AFP Relax News


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@RealitiCheck: Ahaha, oh I do that already but it's just not enough. I wanna dance and spinning classes with M's music and remixes :-))) I agree on the "fraction front" though


I want one in London as well, there's no way she could charge more than the ones in West End already


Isabelle: Just go to your own gym, play Give It 2 Me on your iPod, and stick a photo of M on the cross trainer - voila! And a fraction of what the cost would be! LOL


Oh man when is she coming to London with this?!

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