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Madonna expresses herself via costume

Madonna's costumes help her play a character on stage.
The singer's 2012 MDNA Tour has been turned into a documentary to give an insight into her performances and brilliant costumes.
Arianne Phillips dresses the pop legend and revealed what they are trying to achieve with her concert looks.
'We think of it as characters, and [Madonna] is playing a part. That character requires development and visuals in addition to the songs she’s singing,' Arianne explained to
'In the beginning of the show, she comes out dressed like a queen in a crown with a machine gun. She takes that off to reveal this super-vixen character that we kind of debuted in the Girl Gone Wild video.'
'The next act is all about expression and having a message, and it opens up with Express Yourself. She’s wearing this homage to a forties majorette. The third act is Vogue, and it’s all about identity and gender-bending - iconic Madonna. She’s trying to figure out who she is again. And in the end, it’s a celebration, and she transforms into this powerful Joan of Arc character.'
Last week, Madonna stepped out for the premiere of documentary Madonna: The MDNA Tour in New York City.
The star showed off an unusual look, complete with top hat and fingerless gloves.
While she may look like the frontrunner of eccentric style, the singer isn't immune to a wardrobe malfunction.
'Everything goes wrong daily,' Arianne laughed.
'Shoes break, bras break, but that’s what keeps a live show interesting. When the adrenaline of the audience kicks in, there’s almost like a langue between the audience and the performers. And that’s when seams pop off and crystals fly.'

From Cover Media Via Yahoo! News


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