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Madonna Celebrates DOMA and Prop 8 Rulings

The Queen of Pop has spoken.
Madonna has joined the chorus of celebs celebrating the Supreme Court's rulings on DOMA and Prop 8.
'What a way to start my day!!,' Madge said in a statement to E! News. 'I'm wearing a smile from ear to ear. There is a G-D! Justice is served. Hallelujah!!'
Not like it needs any explanation, but Madonna has been one of the biggest gay icons since she was practically still in the womb.
'I wouldn't have a career if it weren't for the gay community,' she once said during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
In June 2011, Madonna urged her fans to back same-sex marriage in New York. 'New Yorkers your voices must be heard,' she posted on her website. 'Tell your state Congressmen to support same sex marriage bill. All you need is love.'
Same-sex marriage became legal in the Empire State about a week later with the passage of the Marriage Equality Act.
Most recently, Madonna presented the Vito Russo Award to openly gay CNN journalist Anderson Cooper at the GLAAD Media Awards in March in NYC. Never one to be conventional, she dressed as a Boy Scout to protest the Boy Scouts of America's ban on gay scouts and scout leaders.

From E! Online UK


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I am gay and this isn't about gay rights, it's about human rights.

All of these rallies and stuff need to be about Human Rights. Period.


Were where you ??? everybody and West Hollywood was hopping the most greatest Icon show up as surprise and celebrate !!!

We all waiting for the queen to make a public appearance as a support of DOMA ! but thank you in advance for all you did for gay people who deserve equals right !

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