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Events: The Erotica Ball in London

Celebrate Madonna’s 55th B’day & Erotica’s 21st anniversary.

Madonna Celebrate and madonnalicious (The UK’s No.1 fan site) are hosting another Madonna party in London in aid of St Stephen’s AIDS Trust at Jerusalem Bar (33–34 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1JN) from 6pm, Sunday 18 August 2013.

On this special occasion, the cause for celebration is 21 years of 'Erotica' and the Queen of pop’s 55th birthday. Hosted by Britain’s got talent, Chrissy Darling, the organizers promise dazzling burlesque, drag, erotica, side shows, iconic visuals, art installations, cabaret, DJ’s and lot’s more.

Starring - David Robson, resident at the historic G-A-Y/Heaven. Neil Prince who plays at London's biggest pop party Songs of Praise. Craig Eurosolution having DJ for Madonna on her legendary confessions promo tour. Also Kurt Hoffman, one of the founders of Madonna Celebrate and has worked at MTV and DJ with music legends Soul II Soul & George Michael. More acts to be confirmed.

Door Dominatrix - Mistress Tam Culi.
Event photography – Michael Hird and Heidi Jurgens.

An 'Erotica' fancy dress code – Burlesque, Top Hat and Tails, Drag, S&M, Showgirl, Leather & Latex, Rubber, Glamour and Fantasy. (Use imagination when creating your costume and please make an effort).

Strictly limited £10 tickets are on sale and only from
All our past events have all sold out. So don’t miss out.

The Erotica Ball
6pm Sunday 18TH August 2013
33 Rathbone Place
London W1T 1JN


Madonna’s intimate Brooklyn dinner date

Madonna had an intimate dinner in Brooklyn with boy toy Brahim Zaibat this week. Spies saw Zaibat cooling his heels Wednesday at Antica Pesa in Williamsburg, waiting for the Material Girl to show.
Madge later arrived in a 'floral dress, looking simple but chic,' spies said, and the couple took over a corner table and kept a low profile. The 54-year-old star and her 25-year-old lover have been together for nearly three years. A spy saw them 'kiss a few times' with Zaibat’s 'arm around her.'
The sweet scene was a far cry from the clip Madonna released earlier in the day of her “secret project” with Steven Klein that showed her in black underwear firing a gun at the head of a hunky male dancer.

From New York Post / Page Six

Madonna Celebrates DOMA and Prop 8 Rulings

The Queen of Pop has spoken.
Madonna has joined the chorus of celebs celebrating the Supreme Court's rulings on DOMA and Prop 8.
'What a way to start my day!!,' Madge said in a statement to E! News. 'I'm wearing a smile from ear to ear. There is a G-D! Justice is served. Hallelujah!!'
Not like it needs any explanation, but Madonna has been one of the biggest gay icons since she was practically still in the womb.
'I wouldn't have a career if it weren't for the gay community,' she once said during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
In June 2011, Madonna urged her fans to back same-sex marriage in New York. 'New Yorkers your voices must be heard,' she posted on her website. 'Tell your state Congressmen to support same sex marriage bill. All you need is love.'
Same-sex marriage became legal in the Empire State about a week later with the passage of the Marriage Equality Act.
Most recently, Madonna presented the Vito Russo Award to openly gay CNN journalist Anderson Cooper at the GLAAD Media Awards in March in NYC. Never one to be conventional, she dressed as a Boy Scout to protest the Boy Scouts of America's ban on gay scouts and scout leaders.

From E! Online UK

Events: Madonna MDNA Tour DVD London Fan Party

Madonna Fan Party are proud to announce the first London Madonna event of 2013 to celebrate the MDNA Tour release on BluRay and DVD!
For the last decade Madonna Fan Party have been the only UK Madonna events to be supported by Madonna’s team and have hosted thousands of Madonna fans who routinely travel from all over the world to attend.
This will be the TWENTIETH London Madonna Fan Party and - as usual - Madonna’s team have ensured we have a number of great prizes to give away between 2pm and 10.30pm during the event, and that the event will – as usual – be entirely FREE to enter for Madonna’s fans! To enter simply join the Facebook Event link so we know you're coming!
This will be an extra special event as we will be opening the Party with the complete MDNA Tour from 2.00pm, which will be followed by nearly 7 hours of non-stop Madonna videos, remix videos and live clips! Do NOT be late!
Once the venue reaches capacity we operate a strict one in/one out policy so do advise you to arrive early at 2pm and plan to stay after that so you don’t miss a single beat.

Saturday 3rd August, G-A-Y Late, Goslett Yard, Soho
Doors open: 2.00pm

Madonna expresses herself via costume

Madonna's costumes help her play a character on stage.
The singer's 2012 MDNA Tour has been turned into a documentary to give an insight into her performances and brilliant costumes.
Arianne Phillips dresses the pop legend and revealed what they are trying to achieve with her concert looks.
'We think of it as characters, and [Madonna] is playing a part. That character requires development and visuals in addition to the songs she’s singing,' Arianne explained to
'In the beginning of the show, she comes out dressed like a queen in a crown with a machine gun. She takes that off to reveal this super-vixen character that we kind of debuted in the Girl Gone Wild video.'
'The next act is all about expression and having a message, and it opens up with Express Yourself. She’s wearing this homage to a forties majorette. The third act is Vogue, and it’s all about identity and gender-bending - iconic Madonna. She’s trying to figure out who she is again. And in the end, it’s a celebration, and she transforms into this powerful Joan of Arc character.'
Last week, Madonna stepped out for the premiere of documentary Madonna: The MDNA Tour in New York City.
The star showed off an unusual look, complete with top hat and fingerless gloves.
While she may look like the frontrunner of eccentric style, the singer isn't immune to a wardrobe malfunction.
'Everything goes wrong daily,' Arianne laughed.
'Shoes break, bras break, but that’s what keeps a live show interesting. When the adrenaline of the audience kicks in, there’s almost like a langue between the audience and the performers. And that’s when seams pop off and crystals fly.'

From Cover Media Via Yahoo! News

Madonna: The MDNA Workshop (Uncut)

EPIX is bringing you an intimate look at the unique training and audition process for one of the coveted spots on Madonna's award winning tour in MDNA Workshop.

Watch this exclusive mini-documentary to see the audition process for Madonna: The MDNA Tour.

See which dancers make the cut in Madonna: The MDNA Tour airing Saturday, June 22nd at 8pm ET on EPIX -

Get a free trial for EPIX right here:

*Correction in credits: Guitar is Monte Pittman and Violinist is Hahn Binn.

Liz Smith: The Queen Rules...

Liz Smith has written another excellent column in reporting from The MDNA Tour premiere and after-party in New York City:

'In my book, if you don’t leave a pound of flesh on the stage floor, you haven’t done your job properly!'
That was Madonna at the chaotic premiere of the film version of her record-breaking 'MDNA' tour last year. Madonna took questions from the audience — made up of die-hard, totally hysterical fans — after the film. She was charming. It has not always been so. M can be icily monosyllabic or just plain bored with whoever is interviewing her, and doesn’t bother to hide it. But at the 'MDNA' event, she was the Madonna I know, personally - smart, funny, appealing.
She was even dressed in my idea of glamour: a black tuxedo, a white silk shirt, a black top hat, just like Marlene Dietrich in 'Morocco' In fact, M said her choice of outfit was inspired by the Paris Theater, where the premiere was held. 'In 1948, Dietrich cut the ribbon when this theater opened. So I pulled out my Marlene drag for this night.'
Now, not that the night, sponsored by The Cinema Society, Dolce & Gabbana and Epix - was without hitches. There was madness in front of the Paris. It was raining and unbearably muggy. People were desperate to get inside. Some of those waiting on the VIP line were annoyed when M’s fans were allowed in first. 'Why are they getting in?' asked one woman whose coif was collapsing. 'Maybe because they are the ones who made her a star,' came the reply.
But even after the VIPs were seated, there was a loooong wait for Madonna. Like, an hour. The theater was almost as muggy as it was outside. Finally, Madonna and her entourage arrived. This included all her dancers from the tour, and her son Rocco, who also appeared onstage with his legendary mom. However, as Madonna remarked later, with a laugh: 'He doesn’t look like he did then. He’s grown three inches, he’s almost six feet tall and frankly, he kind of frightens me.'
As for the film, if you thought the concert itself was intense, seeing and hearing it up close, pitches it to a new level. Madonna does some amazing - and genuinely brave - stuff here. A lot of it is not for the faint of heart. But, if you’re going to accept the moniker of 'The Queen,' you’ve got to own it, and Madonna owns every bit of it!
And even at a film premiere she knows how to put on a show. As the credits rolled, the lights went up and a full marching band, with drums and cymbals appeared in both aisles. It was impressive, funny, ear-shattering. (It was also a way to keep everybody from leaving until M took the stage.)
The party after was at Harlow, and the late hour had no effect on Madonna’s energy - she danced until 2:30 in the morning! Among the throng watching were John Travolta, Andy Cohen, ageless Debi Mazar, Adam Lambert, CNN’s Alina Cho, ballet’s handsome Roberto Bolle, Lee Daniels, Rachel Roy, the Cinema Society’s Andrew Saffir (holding up surprisingly well amid the chaos) and Kelly Osbourne.
Best exchange of the night came when 'Boy Culture' writer and Madonna historian Matthew Rettenmund approached Kelly O. for a photo. (She was chatting with Cosmo's sexy Sergio Kletnoy.) Rettenmund said, 'I’m on your side in the stuff between you and Lady Gaga.' Kelly replied rather tartly, 'There are no sides. I just think it’s disgusting to use gay people for making money!' This left Rettenmund momentarily speechless, but a friend standing behind him chirped up, 'Well, it’s better than using them for firewood, honey.'
Miss Osbourne seemed not to be amused.

Madonna has five minute fashion turnaround

Madonna's hair, make-up and wardrobe transformed in under five minutes while on tour.
The pop superstar travelled the world with her MDNA Tour last year, and her new concert film The MDNA Tour premieres on cable network Epix this weekend. A huge amount of work went into Madonna's various stage looks and make-up artist Gina Brooke has revealed how fast-paced the wardrobe changes were.
'The quick changes happened underneath the stage, and we’d basically have to change her hair, make-up, and wardrobe in under five minutes! It’s so much fun working with her, though,' she told 'There’s nobody like her. I’ve worked with so many people in the industry, and there is no one and will never be anyone like Madonna.'
Gina worked with Make Up For Ever to create a special lipstick for Madonna's tour. The bold red hue was custom blended just for the iconic star.
'Every single tour, I make Madonna a new product,' she explained of Aqua Rouge Lipstick in Iconic Red. 'This tour, I made a lip product for her. I wanted to create a beautiful, memorable colour, and we did!'
Madonna's hairstylist Andy LeCompte also revealed details about the 54-year-old star's different dos on tour.
He likes to experiment with styles, but was aware of the time restraints involved during the shows. Andy had to make sure each look could be easily evolved in between numbers.
'Whether it's a video or something we've done in the past, we always like to bring it into the show. It kind of becomes a yearbook or diary of whatever has been inspiring her to get her to that place,' he said. 'We did a '40s-inspired look, which later transformed into her look for her Vogue number. We threw her hair into a French twist, and then I curled the front piece.'

From Yahoo! News

Ora: Madonna duet would make my day

Rita Ora has revealed she'd like to duet with her idol Madonna.
However, the Hot Right Now singer, who is the new face of the Queen of Pop's fashion range Material Girl, admitted she would be too scared to approach Madonna about the idea.
'I would die if that happened. I would be the happiest girl on the planet, but I'm never going to ask her. I'll have to just dream one day she might,' she told the Daily Telegraph.
Rita revealed she got star-struck when she met Madonna to do the shoot for the campaign.
'When I first met her, you could see in the picture I was so nervous but she was so nice. I was told Lourdes (Madonna's daughter) was a fan, and she was really, really sweet and told her mum about me,' she added.

From Press Association Via Yahoo! News

Madonna premieres tour film, talks secret project

Madonna said there were days when she was exhausted during her recent "MDNA" world tour, but she decided to press on.
You won't see those behind-the-scenes battles in her new concert film, "The MDNA Tour," which premieres Saturday on the online and cable network Epix. But you will see the 54-year-old pop icon performing — mainly highlights from her Miami shows — for two hours on her tour, which started in May of last year and wrapped in December.
"There's no such thing as not in the mood because the show must go on, right?" the singer said at the film's premiere Tuesday night at New York's Paris Theater. "I'm a human being like everybody else, so I would have my nights, my bad nights and I would cry and I would say, 'I don't want to do this.'"
Madonna told a feverish crowd of fans, her dancers, her tour team, socialites and members of press that she wanted her shows to be a relief for those paying to see her.
"I sold the tickets and I can't let my audience down," she told the crowd of a few hundred. "Before every show everyone came into my dressing room and we got in a circle and said prayers and 50 percent of the time I said them and 49 percent of the time I was crying, usually from over-exhaustion. But there's something about pushing yourself out there when it's pouring rain or you're freezing cold or you don't feel well or something really crazy happened in the world like Hurricane Sandy."
Madonna's tour, which included design help from her 16-year-old daughter, Lourdes, also featured her 12-year-old son, Rocco, as a dancer.
"He was going to go on my tour whether he liked it or not," said Madonna. "I was thrilled to see him every night. He gave me a boost of energy. However, he does not look like that (now). In one year he has grown, he's 6 feet tall and his voice has deepened. I'm a little bit scared of him."
Madonna also unveiled a secret project Tuesday — a collaboration with photographer Steven Klein. She showed a one-minute trailer that featured her background dancers and showed the singer being dragged on the floor.
She was answering questions before she premiered the black-and-white video and told the crowd she was leaving the stage so they could see it.
"No," they screamed. "Well I can't sit in front of the trailer. I'll just do a stage dive. No. I saw the Billboard Awards — no stage dive," she said jokingly, referring to R&B singer Miguel's jump that injured a woman at the awards show last month.
Madonna's new concert film will be released on DVD on Aug. 27.

From Associated Press Via Yahoo! News

Epix HD tweet commentary from the premiere

Madonna took to the stage for a Q&A session after the premiere screening of the MDNA tour in New York City last night - Epix HD tweeted some of her comments from this session and a picture of her onstage:

Madonna tells her fans "You're all girls gone wild."

"Can I get a New York Fuck Yeah?"

"He's disconcertingly comfortable on stage." - #Madonna of her son on her tour

"There was a lot of work that got put into this." #madonna of the editing process for The #MDNA Tour

"From beginning to this moment it's been a labor of love." - #madonna of the editing process for The #MDNA Tour

"I take my ideas from everywhere. I think we should all take our inspiration from life." #madonna on fashion for the #MDNA Tour

#madonna stays mum on the secret project...maybe.

"I can now put my legs up, have a drink and feel like I finished my job. Fuck yeah!" #madonna

MDNA: 'You never know what you're going to get'

Madonna still matters.
That’s the message of Madonna: The MDNA Tour, a documentary that chronicles her top-grossing 2012 worldwide tour. Ostensibly a concert film, The MDNA Tour also sheds light on the impact Madonna has had on a generation of artists, dancers, and general fans who refuse to conform for conformity’s sake.
Director Danny Tull, who’s edited several of Madonna’s recent projects, including W.E., took a close-up look at the icon’s legendary drive, cutting the best moments of 88 different shows into one cohesive documentary. “There was just a mammoth amount of footage to get through and find that perfect shot for her,” says Tull, who literally worked his fingers to the bone in the editing suite for six months. “On ‘Like a Prayer,’ there must be [cuts of concerts from] 50 countries inside that song alone. It was really intense. I think I looked down one day and I was like, ‘Oh, my fingers are about to fall off.’ But it was worth it.’”
By the end, Tull knew the ins and outs of the concert perhaps better than Madonna herself, but she still never ceased to surprise him. “The interesting thing with her is you never know what you’re going to get,” he says. “She always brings something different to the table. Maybe fans had known it before, but I think her Olympian spirit will be reinforced again [with the doc]. It’s just unbelievable, the pace of the show. It’s just non-stop. It’s very difficult to keep up.”
Madonna still matters - you’d better believe it!


The MDNA Tour Premiere Screening Tonight!

The time has finally arrived! Some lucky fans will get to see the premiere screening of The MDNA Tour at the Paris Theatre in New York City tonight - with Madonna in attendance to do a Q&A session. Many members of the MDNA tour family, dancers and band, will also be in at the screening.

madonnalicious would love any fans attending the event, or just watching the red carpet, to send us their thoughts/pictures/videos from the event - just email us at [email protected]

Audition for a chance to work out with Madonna

To celebrate the Broadcast Premiere of the MDNA Tour on June 22, Premium TV network EPIX and Madonna have teamed up to provide an exclusive once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for dancers, performers and workout enthusiasts to personally dance and train with the queen herself!

Led by Madonna's personal trainer and fitness experts from the Hard Candy Fitness team, an open call will be held on Wednesday, June 19 at the Broadway Dance Center in New York City. Anyone can enter; but only 500 will be invited to audition. Hopeful participants can register online at beginning Wednesday, June 12, through Sunday, June 16 at 12noon EDT.

Chosen participants will audition for the Hard Candy Fitness team, who will whittle the group down to the top 50. This group will perform for Nicole Winhoffer for a chance to earn one of the coveted spots in the final group. On Thursday, June 20, the select 30 fitness and dance enthusiasts who remain will learn Madonna's exclusive dance-inspired "Addicted to Sweat" training routine, that she used to get MDNA ready, and later that day perform it with Madonna!

Ready to sweat? Here you go!


Rita Ora welcomed to the Material Girl family!

Madonna and Lola are excited to introduce Rita Ora as the newest face of the Material Girl Collection. Welcome to the family, Rita!

Rita herself tweeted this comment: Joining forces with Madonna & Lola! It's Official Ritabots - I'm the new face of @MaterialGirl. #thisisamoment for me #icon #mymuse #argghhhhh #yeeeeaaahhhhhhh #excited :) :) :)


Win tickets to the NYC MDNA Premiere!

We've all shared unforgettable memories with fellow fan friends while attending Madonna's MDNA Tour. Why not ask for your friends to help give you a chance to be part of another incredible Madonna event?

Madonna and Epix are happy to give away tickets to the world premiere screening of the MDNA Tour, which will take place in NY on June 18. Wanna be part of it?

- Post a picture of you and your friend(s) to your Facebook, e-mail us a link to it along with your full name, mailing address and phone number at [email protected][email protected] before 6pm EST on June 14 and encourage your Facebook friends to 'Like' it.
- After 6pm EST on June 14, we will randomly pick winners out of all of the photos that received at least 50 'Likes', each of them winning a pair of tickets to the premiere.

Have fun and get ready for your extra dose of MDNA!


A Stella night for Madonna and stars in New York

From Madonna to Cameron Diaz, the stars couldn’t wait to snuggle up to designer Stella McCartney at a presentation of her Spring 2014 collection. The 54-year-old singer gave her friend a huge hug at the event in New York. Diaz, 40, and Aerosmith frontman Steve Tyler also could not wait to show their appreciation, while actresses Kate Bosworth and Naomi Watts cuddled up at the show on West 10th Street. Other guests included Liv Tyler and Anna Wintour.


Events: 'TRUTH/DARE: A Satire (with Dance)' in Toronto

SkyDome, May 29, 1990, Madonna calls Toronto 'the fascist state' in her iconic doc Truth or Dare. Now turning the spotlight on Ms. Ciccone herself, TRUTH/DARE: A Satire (with Dance), created by Salvatore Antonio and Adamo Ruggiero, takes over Tallulah’s Cabaret at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre for two special performances during Pride week: Wednesday June 26 & Thursday 27, 2013 at 8pm. Join a motley crew of performers as they breathe life and laughter into the transcript of the 1991 documentary that followed the Material Girl on her Blond Ambition Tour.

TRUTH/DARE is a live staged reading performed by a cast of notable Toronto artists and aficionados, combining memorable text from the film, original video, choreographed dance and the infectious music from the Blond Ambition tour. Much like the Rocky Horror Picture Show, the spirit of TRUTH/DARE is one where the audience is invited to dress up in their finest early ‘90s street wear, echo their favourite lines, and join the cast in dancing to the music of the era. The Queen of Pop demands: ‘Dance, sing, get up and do your thing!’

After a successful public workshop of TRUTH/DARE at the experimental art space Videofag in December 2012, Antonio and Ruggiero have further developed the project specifically for Buddies’ Pride Week festival. Joining Salvatore and Adamo on stage is an exciting cast of both emerging and established talent from various artistic backgrounds including: Gavin Crawford, Sharron Matthews, Damien Atkins, Keith Cole, Terrence Bryant, Sebastien Heins, with dancer-choreographer Paul Charbonneau and dancer Roney Lewis, plus a few surprise cameo appearances along the way.

More than an uproarious, sweaty night on the dancefloor, TRUTH/DARE sheds light on the many layers of fame, ego, and the power of fandom. Revealing not only the icon, but the woman behind the icon, and the many behind her. It is a night that gives us permission to laugh at the glorious pretensions of her celebrity, and at ourselves for being still enamoured by it - even moved by it – over twenty years later.

Buddies in Bad Times artistic director Brendan Healy offers: 'It is such a pleasure to welcome TRUTH/DARE at Buddies for Pride. Like many people from my generation, the movie Truth or Dare was seminal in my gay education - for better AND for worse. To watch a group of talented artists reclaim, reconstruct, revile and rejoice in everything that this represents is borderline therapeutic. And hilarious.'

TRUTH/DARE is proudly partnered with the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation (PWA). A portion of the show’s proceeds will be donated to PWA, the largest direct support service agency for people living with HIV/AIDS in Canada.

TRUTH/DARE Created by Salvatore Antonio and Adamo Ruggiero
Presented as part of Queer Pride 2013 at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
12 Alexander Street, Toronto, ON M4Y 1B4

Wednesday June 26 & Thursday 27, 2013
Doors open at 7:30pm, performance begins at 8:00pm
Tickets $15 advance / $20 door
Box office: 416-975-8555 or


TRUTH/DARE encourages the audience to stand and move about during the performance, and therefore does not have traditional theatre seating. If you or a member of your party will require special assistance due to mobility issues, please contact the box office at 416-975-8555.

There will be a TRUTH/DARE After Party in the space starting immediately following the performance (10pm) featuring DJ Konstantine Kurelias. Admission to the After Party is $7 or free with a ticket to the 8:00pm performance.

Madonna left baffled by Nile Rodgers' lack of interest

Nile Rodgers has revealed that Madonna was once annoyed with him for not having sex with her.
The musical icon claimed that the singer was upset that he never tried to seduce her while co-producing her classic album Like a Virgin. He told The Sun: "I was standing at an elevator when she goes, 'Why don't you want to f**k me?'
I was like, 'What did you just say to me?' She was wondering why I had not propositioned her. She couldn't understand that. It was like, 'Everybody wants me'.
He continued: "One time I slept with a really beautiful artist I was working with and it was a really wrong thing to do. So, I didn't work like that."
However, Madonna and Rodgers have remained good friends over the years. He said: "I grew as close to Madonna as I've ever been to a woman without being romantically involved.
"She was the most driven person. The day I met her she said, 'I'm going to be a really big superstar'."
Rodgers added that Madonna helped him quit taking drugs and alcohol after he passed out at her 38th birthday party.
He said: "I don't remember any of this. But I was told I was carried out of Madonna's house.
"It was the most embarrassing night of my life. I have never had a drink or taken drugs since."
Rodgers recently topped the UK singles chart with Daft Punk on their huge hit 'Get Lucky'.


MDNA DVD/Blu-ray to be released 26 Aug (27 Aug for US)

Madonna's groundbreaking, critically acclaimed, controversial and visually stunning MDNA concert will be available in the US on August 27th (August 26th globally), it was announced today by Universal Music. The two hour MDNA extravaganza was the most successful tour of 2012. Presented by Live Nation Global Touring, the tour included 88 sold out shows in 29 countries. Madonna and her ten member band lead by musical director Kevin Antunes and troupe of 25 dancers performed a wild two hour spectacle that fascinated, enthralled and entertained 2.2 million fans.

"Madonna spent six months personally editing the video footage from 30 cameras and many different shows to put together the MDNA DVD. Her attention to every frame, every detail and nuance and total commitment to show her creative vision has been done to perfection. Each song is like a short movie. One minute you are in an action movie and the next you're at a golden era musical before shooting across to India and back for a house party to finish. It's better than any 3-D Imax movie out there and at a break neck pace that would make any Olympian struggle for breath," commented the show's co- director and supervising editor, Danny B. Tull.

The MDNA DVD was directed by Danny B. Tull and Stephane Sennour and was produced by Madonna.. Executive producers: Arthur Fogel, Guy Oseary and Sara Zambreno. Tour wardrobe was created by Arianne Phillips. Supervising Editor Danny B. Tull. Director of Photography Mark Ritchie.


Epix MDNA Tour Promotion in Los Angeles

Lots more large billboards are featuring the Epix TV advert for The MDNA Tour screening, these three are in Los Angeles. Pictures by Danny V, Gutemberg and William.

I'm sending you photos of the MDNA Epix promo here in Philadelphia. They are all over the city and people stop to comment how great The Queen looks. Certainly a stopper!

Madonna inspired new Keith Urban single

The most distinctive musical feature of Keith Urban's Little Bit of Everything - a chopped-up ukulele pattern - may owe its existence to the Material Girl.
Urban says Madonna's Don't Tell Me, a 2001 hit that several critics felt had a country influence, inspired the part. 'She had a staccato acoustic guitar part in there that I thought was very cool,' Urban says.
Little Bit was written by pop/hip-hop artist Kevin Rudolf, known for his 2008 single Let It Rock, along with Nashville songwriters Brad and Brett Warren. The single currently sits at No. 24 on USA TODAY's Country airplay chart.
'On the demo that Kevin did, it was more of a strummed part, just a straight-up Hey Soul Sister thing,' Urban says. But when he and co-producer Nathan Chapman took the song into the studio, Chapman started laying down tracks with the ukulele.
'Nathan was playing an arpeggiated piece, which I thought was kind of cool, and then he hit the mute button accidentally and I said, 'Oh, I like that!'' Urban says.

From - thanks to Eamon

Madonna to open Hard Candy gym in Berlin

After the recent launch of her new luxury Hard Candy Fitness center in Rome, Madonna has just announced plans to expand her fitness empire to Berlin.
Her second location in Europe, the new club will come equipped with dance studios, weight rooms, swimming pools, Jacuzzi and a lounge with a bar to relax and hang out, and is set to open in September.
Madonna and her trainer, Nicole Winhoffer, also recently released a series of four workout DVDs featuring Winhoffer and incorporating objects such as a bathroom towel and a sturdy chair into the routines. The set, 'Addicted to Sweat,' is based on the same high-impact dance workout programs Madonna relies on to achieve her svelte physique.
The Material Girl opened the first Hard Candy gym in Mexico City in 2010 and has since launched clubs in Moscow, Sydney, St. Petersburg, and Santiago.

From AFP Relax News

Madonna wants to start a 'revolution of love'

Madonna called on fans to start a 'revolution of love' at the Sound of Change concert.
The 'Hung Up' hitmaker was one of the A-list stars to lend her support to the charity gig - which was organised by fashion house Gucci's Chime for Change female empowerment campaign - at London's Twickenham Stadium and urged people to join her in changing the world through education.
The 54-year-old star took the stage, saying: 'I keep telling people I want to start a revolution, but my revolution doesn't involve bloodshed and violence. My revolution starts with education. My revolution is about achieving a higher level of consciousness, but this cannot start without education.'
'We cannot change this world, nor begin to treat each other with human dignity, without an education. Let tonight be the beginning of this revolution because education is not a luxury, it is a basic human right.'
'I invite you all to join my revolution of love. Join me tonight. The revolution of love starts here.'
During her show-stopping performance, 'On the Floor' hitmaker Jennifer Lopez also chimed for change, adding: 'I believe my girls out there deserve the best education. They deserve the best in health. And I believe in justice for my girls everywhere.'
The star-studded Sound of Change concert - which benefits education, health and justice for women around the world, particularly in underprivileged countries - was headlined by 'Love on Top' singer Beyonce and also featured performances from Florence + the Machine, Jessie J and Rita Ora.
Other stars who appeared on stage to support the cause included Hollywood stars Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, James Franco, Zoe Saldana and Jessica Chastain.


Inside the 'Chime for Change' stadium

madonnalicious reporter Daniel has sent in this picture from inside the golden circle at the 'Chime for Change' concert that takes place in Twickenham Stadium in London tonight. Madonna is due to be a presenter and is due on stage at 7.26pm.

Fans in the UK can catch highlights at 10.50pm on BBC One. US fans can catch the concert highlights on Sunday 02 June on NBC 09-11pm ET.

Celebrate the MDNA Anniversary with 15% off MDNA goodies!

On May 31st, 2012, Madonna embarked on her MDNA Tour, performing 88 shows around the world and leaving us with amazing memories...

To celebrate the tour's first anniversary, Madonna's Online Store is happy to offer 15% off the official MDNA product line!

The special will end on June 5, so make sure to grab your favorite MDNA branded items before they're gone!