Madonna accepts Top Touring Award
The Impossible Feat of Billboard Award-Winning MDNA Tour


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Wow !!! congratulations MADONNA !You are the most gorgeous, sexy, elegant, beautiful and fun girl !! bummer people still close of mind or them just don't get your sense of humor !!

MDNA TOUR WAS THE BEST!! 10 times watching the show in different venues and really was addicted.



Does she have to be so rude about the microphone height? So snarky!

Thomas Gruber

Two things that struck me when I watched this video. First, it was pretty savvy on Madonna's part to attend this show because she was able to basically get a free two minute primetime advertisement for her upcoming Epix concert & DVD release (which looks fabulously shot by the way). I would suspect this was all negotiated ahead of time & a big reason for her attending. Genius of course! Second, it's somewhat ironic in my mind that presented the award to her because I've always wondered why he, as a long-time top producer of hits for various artists, hasn't worked with the Queen yet. It would seem to be a natural collaboration since he has a knack for dance hits & catchy hooks.


here in the uk, u see lots of women wear much worse
madonna got everyone talking about her again


Love you Madonna, and thank you for proving that 55 year old women can be more desirable and sexy than ever!! You rock!
p.s. you can do the same for shorter women as you do for women your age - whatever height you truly are makes that the height to be desired and even better than being taller.
p.s.s. I'm so glad you lost your British accent, you sound so much nicer and more real.


Madonna fucking rocks!!! End off!!

Matt Seyden

Love you Madonna! You look so HOT!Thanks for three decades of great music and memories~Matt Seyden


Forgive me I didn't see the show in Amsterdam, but if you ask me, it WASN'T about your as, altough it seems a lot of people seem to think so !


...btw: although I love her outfit and black wig at the Met Gala she does look 15 years younger with blonde hair


I LOVE HER!!!!!!

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