Madonna Sells NYC Apartment She Owned With Sean Penn
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The MDNA Tour One Year Anniversary!

This time last year fans around the world were waiting for the news and pictures to come in from the opening night of the MDNA Tour in Tel Aviv.

Months of build up, teaser pictures and rumours circulated but this night would finally reveal the truth and put Madonna on the front pages of the world's press once again.

This tour brought fans much closer into the tour experience, with MDNA dancers and musicians tweeting pictures from soundchecks and their journey around the globe.

One year on, how do you feel about the MDNA tour? Did you see it in person, experience the golden triangle, get to see a soundcheck or are you still waiting to watch it on the DVD? Add your thoughts by hitting the 'Comments' button below this post.


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Sadly the MDNA concert will be the last I attend (it was my 3rd--Girlie Show and Drowned World being the first 2). I went to the Atlantic City show and it started 2.5 hours late--considered she only was on stage for 1.45 of the show. I can understand a little delay, but that was unprofessional and inappropriate. I will never go to another of her concerts.


I was able to see her in Chicago in September, and it was awesome. I know some folks always expect just a greatest hits from her, but if you know that half of the songs are going to be new going in, your mind will be blown away.

There is just so much stuff going on in the show, it's hard to take it all in. I wish I would have gone to another show in another venue. The opening of the show was amazing, and any rendition of Vogue will always be a favorite.

Yes, there was a clunker or two (Candy Shop...again??) but overall the show was incredible. She is truly a force.


I gathered many people together for seven great shows!! No other like her. Always

I L.U.V. Madonna

Certainly not the best M tour by a very long shot, but at least we got to see her live again! Roll on the next tour (and, hopefully, a GREAT album to support it!)


i attended the very first show in Buenos Aires with my bets friends in the world...i recorded the opening and every time see that i feel a tingle down my spine
it was a show like "you all young bitxxxes see and learn"

William & Steve

My partner & I won Golden Triangle access to the second show in San Jose! We LOVE Madonna & all that she has done! But the MDNA tour was Phenomenal!


Was very lucky to get too see her in Houston Golden triangle first night!! LOved the energy of the show and danced my butt off..Was drenched in sweat by end of show!! Also who could have thought that such an incredible thing would happen twice to me as was selected for fan pit of Reinvention tour in Las Vegas in 2004!! Incredible!!


For me it wasn´t her best work, but i would like to see her on DVD very soon!


OH ! memories, MDNA tour was another of the best show of Madonna, I saw that show 10 times in different cities in the USA, Bummer I didn't have the chance to win a triangle ticket, I am still up set with Guy her manager.he better make it up to me for the next tour. lol...

There is no one in this earth that can put a great show like Queen of Music can do. there is only one queen. MADONNA.

Thank you for a wonderful year 2012, dancing and singing live watching you on the stage wow ! what a dream, I love you.

Robe Robelito

I saw it on Gothemburg, Sweden on July 4. It was my first Madonna concert ever so I was very,very excited. My location was Golden circle and I was standing so close to that catwalk there she walked through many times. I did some shorts clips with my camera which I still watch over and over.It was an experience of a lifetime for me. Can't forget it, it's within me.


Saw the MDNA tour in Pittsburgh, PA. was the third time I saw her LIVE and was front row in the golden triangle. One of her best concerts EVER. amazing in every way and I love how she was more personal with the fans this time around. MDNA forever!


I have been a fan of Madonna since Blond Ambition (and I was 5!) and going to her concerts for the first time (MDNA at Yankee Stadium & MSG) is definitely one of my life's highlights.

Hate her or not, you definitely have to respect and admire the woman for her ambition and work ethic. She's so smart and her music is an additional plus. I love her witty sense of humor and people who call her a bitch (albeit an adorable and cute one at that) fail to realize she's earned the right to be "the Queen". You have to remember she came to NY with $35 in her pocket and still has maintained popularity and relevance over the decades.

Yes, it was annoying to wait 2-3 hours for her concert to start and hopefully that is something she will work on for the future.

Other than that, she's the best. Thank you madonnalicious for maintaining this wonderful fan site for all these years.


September 23rd and September 24th of last year will be on the most memorable events of my life.

It took me many, many, many attempts at getting a Golden Triangle ticket. I entered EVERY contest humanly possible and I even learned how to use twitter (I'm obviously an older fan) at a chance to win a closer view of the Queen of Pop.

Thanks to twitter, I teamed up with a random stranger we won tickets to the 9/23 show. I had an awesome show and woke up the morning of 9/24 and Guy sent me an e-mail stating that I won a Golden Triangle ticket a second time.

In addition to winning two Golden Triangle tickets, I caught Madonna on film looking right at ME.

After thirty years of memorizing lyrics, reading every possible article, buying every possible Vinyl LP, 45' and CD, waiting for hours by the radio to win Blond Ambition Tour tickets, waiting by the phone to get the CLOSEST concert ticket possible, saving and buying random Madonna memorabilia, presenting book reports in school and helping Madonna defend the crown for Queen of pop… Madonna looked right at me and she walked right by me at soundcheck.

Madonna may never know my name, we may never meet and I may never catch one of her guitar tabs- but for two consecutive nights, I felt pretty special. The women who helped define my adolescence and gave me the courage to be who I am today, was right next to me.

Thanks Madonna

Joakim Ekström

We saw MDNA both in Gothenburg, Sweden and in New York. We won Golden triangle ticket at Yankee stadium! It was the best time in our lives... All hail the Queen!!

Marc giglietti

I can't wait until September for the DVD !!!!! She's killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it really coming out in September? Being that the Epix is premering it in June??


Still waiting for the Blu-ray. Hopefully a full (i.e. all songs) live album too.


I saw the MDNA tour in Chicago on my 30th birthday. It happened that I got the same exact seats as last time, at the Confessions Tour. Unless you've been to a Madonna concert, you can't really understand the feeling of being under the same roof as the Queen. Before the show began I peered down from my vantage point and saw, behind the stage, one lone figure in shadow, doing stretches. I saw the high boots, the long hair, and I knew...A thrill went up my stomach and then the shadow flew up the back stairs, onto the stage, and the show began. It was electric. The whole experience. The sheer power, talent, and presence of Madonna fills an entire stadium for two hours, and your life for weeks afterwards. She truly is a force. I wish I could see her concerts every year. The MDNA tour is a memory I will hold with me for the rest of my life, as I already hold her.

konrad aquilina

i was lucky to see her in rome with my partner. it was great. it was the third time i saw her live and the more i see here the more i cannot get enough. i am looking forward to see her again. konrad from malta


Great picture! Very fitting! Can't wait to see it on DVD.

(No longer going to her concerts because of the late starts. Time is life. So waiting is wasting life. But will always be a fan of THE QUEEN! and THE PIONEER!)

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