Madonna Strips Down as She Keeps the Party Going
Madonna sells Leger painting for $7.2m


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I like this look, and my fave photo is the one with the lip-curl.

Second fave is the one with the cross between her legs lol


over over over-can't get anymore over Goddess


She looks like Jessie J.


The Madonna we all know & love is back, & rocking a great new look! I hope Madonna retains elements of this new look (ie dark hair, punk attire)for her next record.


Love it, she surprise me yet again!!!!

Ivan Done

The true Style Icon who keeps things fresh interesting and forward!! Rock on Madonna!


Reminds of Drowned World Tour, no?


WOW, there are no words to how fabulous she looks! THE QUEEN IS IN THE HOUSE!


She's one of the few that actually GOT the theme of the night.


OH MY GAH! She's back!!!
She brought 150% to this Punk vs Met Gala.
Very fearless & she owned it at this party.
But this look is only be acceptable because it was a costume ball.... Unfortunately others did not get the memo and wore their boring attire.

If I had my way, I would add a torn plaid skirt with long train exposing her thigh high hosiery, but her body is banging good.


O M G!!! She is so transformational! It's incredible! This should be the theme of her new record (whenever that one gets done...)


she looks amazing!


That is a sexy outfit !! Hot hot hot !! She looks amazing !!

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