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Mario Testino: I'm the Madonna of fashion photography

Mario Testino says he's the 'Madonna of photography'.
The celebrated fashion photographer - who has shot everyone from Kate Moss to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - believes his career has had such longevity because he has the ability to adapt and reinvent himself for every client, just like the Queen of Pop.
He admitted: 'Ultimately I made my range wider because I wanted to suit each publication that I worked for. Talk about reinvention - I'm like the Madonna of photography.'
Peruvian-born Mario experienced 'total poverty' when he first moved to London, but soon realised he could make a living out of his passion for taking striking snapshots.
Addressing the fashion-loving crowd at the Vogue festival in London's Southbank Centre, he said: 'The year has 365 days and I want each and every one of them to be exciting.'
He also touched upon his good relationship with the British royal family, from his iconic portrait of the late Princess Diana, to the engagement photos of Prince William and Duchess Catherine.
Mario described it as 'a whole new realm of photography', which has been 'a gift to his career'.



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The problem/issue with Testino's photos of M that were used on 'Something to Remember' (as delicious as they were) is that they looked exactly like those of Diana, Princess of Wales. So, unless that is the look M wanted (and I imagine it was! ;-) ), I'd hardly call him one to 'reinvent'!!!


When I was younger, people here in Denmark called the Gaultier costumes "Madonna´s torpedo cups". :-D


I saw MArio Testino's exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Although it was exciting to see portraits of Madonna and other celebrities. However, I will not put his work in the same realm of a performer like Madonna. His images are glossy and fluff and pretty void of any sort of feeling. The exhibit displayed about 6 images of Gisele that were bigger than the side of my house.....Images like that do nothing for me. Even when Madonna's music is at its most simple, I still feel something. I felt nothing going to see Mr Testino's exhibit at this major metropolitan museum.


We, the almost whole world love Madonna!

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