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Madonna's pre Met Ball vacuum photo causes spike in sales

Before she hit the Met Ball in a full black wig and tartan ensemble, Madonna Instagrammed this snap of herself with the caption, 'Cleaning up before the Met Ball'.
According to our sources, the star was using a Miele S4 vacuum hose to make sure her bathroom was in tip top shape before she hit the red carpet.
Weirdly, Miele have seen a dramatic increase in sales calls for this particular model - so much so that the brand is thinking about developing a new range of vacuums in Madge's honour!
Miele's Marketing Director, Dominic Worlsey, said, 'Miele has seen vacuum sales calls more than double since Madonna posted the photo. We've had so much interest that we've contacted her as a potential brand ambassador to launch the 'Immaculate Collection' of Miele vacuums. Inspired by the fashion forward icon, the range could emulate Madonna's most unforgettable outfits; from a pink Material Girl design, to an edgy look reminiscent of her Jean Paul Gaultier pointy braziers.''



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i'd get one!! lol. this is so funny!!


water and a skirting-board electricity socket.... danger will robinson, danger!


@Isabelle: shhhhhhhh! Don't give her any ideas! She already seems far more interested in anything other than producing good music!

I Think I Love You

...the star was using a Miele S4 vacuum hose to make sure her bathroom was in tip top shape...
...her bathroom was in tip top shape...
Is that a euphemism?!! I wish it was!!


Haha - I have one pf these already! Little did I know Madonna had the same Hoover as me!


Ahahaha! I am loving it! I think I need a new hoover!! A Madonna one, please! :-))))


Haha! Living the dream of every young pop starlet. Sold out tour. Great album. Vacuum salesperson. :)

Mind you, I'd buy Dita's French Leather Maid Model.

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