Sound of Change London concert for BBC One
Madonna: Elton and I have made up


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I Think I Love You

@ THE QUEEN!: Oh my heavens! Please, please tell me that your last reply was as sarcastic as mine before...


@ I think I love you: You are welcome my friend. That is what I am here for: to help.

I Think I Love You

@ THE QUEEN!: Thanks for enlightening me. I had no idea there was more than one way to complete a checklist. I was clueless as to how much there was to them. I feel I now have the courage to face up to wrestling with my first checklist. Thanks for instilling in me a confidence, in that whatever way I fill out that checklist, everything will be fine...


@ I think I love you: Every one of us works differently and get things done differently. How we get to the end point does not matter much as the final product. I am a huge checklist, process person. When I see post its on other people's desk and computer, I USE to think how disorganized. However, on further examination, they are just as or even more productive than me. There is no "one" way. There is only the way that works for us individually.


@ Thomas Gruber: Agreed. She is the hardest working woman in the business.

I Think I Love You

Not sure about the 'smiley faces'... Doesn't look very business-like. Looks like a small child's checklist of their mother's shopping list!! I hope industry professionals like editors, colour graders, sound mixers and the suchlike have been more business-like!! (I trust their dopesheets are anyway!) I wonder if any aircraft pilots have filled out a pre-flight check like that?!! Maybe one of Neil Armstrong's Apollo flight checklists has some smileys on it. I actually hope they do, however unlikely...
I wish the photo was slightly zoomed out - I'd really like to see at the top what each column of ticks represents.
Still, looking forward to the DVD anyway.

Thomas Gruber

To me this is what separates Madonna from the majority of the music artists & why I love her - she takes a hands-on approach to every aspect of her product. And she wants it done right! She obviously also understands the vital importance of good editing to a concert DVD. I've watched music award performances where a moron director cuts away at a pivotal dance step during a routine & I just want to scream at my television. I'd be curious to know what other music artists participate in the editing & color grading of their DVD concerts.



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