Madonna to attend Billboard Music Awards tonight!
Madonna wins THREE Billboard Music Awards!


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@ Geneva - you got teary eyed? Really? Wow. Do you cry easily?! It was the usual positive message we expect from M in a speech, but tears?


In L.O.V.E. She looks like her character in Four Rooms. She's looks so stunning, so fresh, smoking, banging, etc!!! Love, love, LOVE!!! MDNA4EVA...

I  L.U.V.  Madonna



She looks so beautiful! One of her best looks, in my opinion. Loved the speech, I got a little teary eyed ;) Long Live the Queen!


Like she always says 'We can do anything'. She can, she does and she always does it so well! Madonna is awesome, a unique person (just as we all are) , but she is so, so special. 31 years and I've never felt bored. She is such an inspiration, look no further. 'There is no beginning', but better still 'there is no end'! Thank you Madonna.


@Tiffany - Yes, time to go grey. *chuckles*


Who rubbed your back ?






simply beautiful

get the picture?

she looked ABS F amazing. F.
dropped some serious 10-20smth jaws & owned the night.

on ANYONE else that risque ensemble would've looked ridiculous, but on M.. She so owned it.
with her eyes like diamonds she could command the crowd with a simple stare alone, though, wearing whatever - a second-hand floor-length parka or a neck-to-toe paper-bag..

Well deserved great moment for her..
so proud of her..

Rock on! ')


She's always blonde


wow! she looks amazing!

Gilbert U.

Watching Madonna accept her awards at the Billboards Awards on Sunday night was my highlight of the entire show. It's about time that they give her an award on live television for having the top grossing tour; I don't recall them giving her one for the Sticky & Sweet Tour.

I thought that our Queen looked awesome and she had a great speech. She gave us, the fans, a very heartfelt thank you and I sincerely believe that she's well aware that her 30 year career is because we continue to support her. Love you Madonna and here's to another 30+ years. :-D

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