US Magazines: Met Ball Coverage
Madonna's Instagram: 'Almost there!'


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I'm starting to feel the same way @Einsof13! While I'm not a geriatric, I'm not a spring chicken anymore either- & for me a year is forever & a day! Hurry up Madonna with your DVD/CD releases.


I'm beyond Bored by Secret Project and the MDNA Tour DVD won't be out until Sept or October, almost a year after the project is over? Madonna needs to stop wasting time on Instagram and deal with what her fans want, a year is too long to wait for a DVD! Today's artists have an immediacy to their work something Lost on Madonna and her management obviously. I think retirement won't be long away I can't take 6 months to edit 2 hrs, maybe time to hire a new editor!
Long time fan loosing patience with M for being so slow and lame!

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