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UNIQLO UTGP13 Madonna T-shirts

Last August madonnalicious told readers about the UNIQLO competition to design a Madonna-themed tshirt for the company. The entries were judged in an online poll and by Madonna herself.

UTGP is a design competition that was started in 2005 to provide support for talented and creative artists throughout the world. The theme for 2013 is six very popular artists. A total of 3484 designs were submitted from 63 countries. Twenty-four designs have been chosen to be featured on UT-T-shirts.

There are four Madonna designs and they are sized for MEN (although women can wear them too)! They are available in store and online at priced at £12.90 each.

They are also available to US fans at

Additionally the multicoloured t-shirt is labelled as the 'Artist's Choice Award!!' - which we think means that Madonna picked this one as her favourite!


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Just got the Artist Choice Award one, Beautiful product!.


agree with Jeffrey. I got 3 of them as a collector and b/c a Madonna T tends to go over well in the bars
The multi-color True Blue pose is cute (top left) and has color on the back as well. The others are all blah. No offense to the designers. Nice effort, but the designs could have been a lot better. for instance, the pink one should just be the pic of madonna, why add "papa don't preach?" that makes it look silly and too cartoonish.
the quality of the fabric is pretty good though.


have to agree jeffrey-seen a lot nicer in unknown shops & markets.xx


Those are some ugly shirts

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